Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mid-January Collective Haul!


I wasn't able to get a post up yesterday since I was gone literally all day long and I didn't have anything ready to go.  Oops.  But no more commitments/appointments for a while.  Anyway...

Today's post is going to be another haul post.  Big surprise, right?  These are what I bought a couple of weeks ago...I seem to have a tradition of going shopping after hair appointments, since that's the date from all the receipts. :-)  So let's see what all I bought!

First, I had to go to the mall because the Mister needed some new collar extender thingies, which he said were available at Macy's - he actually bought his first one from a tux rental place in another city and has worn it out.  Macy's was out of them, but I found a 3-pack at Dillards.  I also got him a few more ties from Express since it was like an additional 30 or 40%...maybe even 50% off clearance prices.  So after my mission for him was complete, I looked around in the mall a tiny little bit for me.  I think I exercised some pretty good restraint since this is all I left the mall with for me:
Love & Beauty (Forever 21) polishes in Lavender/Multi and Pink Icing
The lavender/multi is more sheer than I thought it would be, but it will look nice layered over something.
Pink Icing can be built up to be pretty much opaque with 3 coats (at least on my nail wheel...not sure about the nails)

From the mall, I went to the beauty supply store since I needed more nail wheels - but that store unfortunately only sells them individually...I did get a couple other things, though:
I finally got a set of 3 dotting tools (6 sizes) - less than $3!
Can't wait to start playing around with these.
 OPI DS Temptation (from the 2011 release)

So since that store didn't have a whole pack of nail wheels, I ended up at Sally's Beauty Supply:
I use these primarily to swatch my enormous collection and I had pretty much used up all my others.  This will probably make my 6th pack (not all of the others are full yet since I swatch brand by brand so some only have a couple used).  I've already taken these out of the package and numbered the backs of all them to get them ready for swatching.  I also keep an unlabeled wheel available to try out polish combinations.

And that wraps up what all I bought during the 3rd week of January.  Not a ton of stuff, but I think I really do need to cut back.  Since it's almost the start of February, I'm going to be attempting, once again, to do a restricted buy.  As of right now, the only thing that I might buy (if I see it at Walmart for cheaper than the Rite Aid price) is the new sunscreen that CeraVe is slowly releasing.  I'll probably be ok as long as brands don't start coming out with limited edition stuff - that's my weakness.

I will have one more haul post coming up soon with the last of what I bought this month.

See anything you like?  Do you swatch your collection on wheels to see how sheer or opaque the polishes are (or if something needs thinned prior to using on the nail)?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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