Thursday, January 17, 2013

Icing Polish Haul!


Can you believe that Valentine's Day is in less than a month?!?!  I know I can't.  Why am I bringing this up? Well, it's all Icing's fault.  When I was at the mall at the beginning of the month, I went into Icing to look around and right up by the door there was a pretty setup that had Valentine-themed items already.  The item that caught my eye was a 5 pack of mini polishes that are perfectly themed for the holiday.  Wanna see?
Polish #1 has red heart glitters and some little holographic hex glitters in a red tinted base
Polish #2 has pink heart glitters in a reddish-pink tinted base
Polish #3 has a couple shades of pink hearts and little holographic hex glitters in a pink tinted base
Polish #4 has lots of different glitter shapes in it: hearts, squares, hex, diamonds, a milky raspberry base.
The un-numbered polish is just a red with a gold shimmer (that's all sunk down to the bottom right now)
~~This picture is the most color-accurate and 
shows off the jelly finish of the red heart glitter polish (first on the left)~~

And since Icing just about always has beauty products on sale for buy one get one 50% off, I picked up a very interesting looking glitter polish, too.
Super Freak has large magenta hex glitters, small blue hex glitters and some bar glitters and several other colors all in a clear base.  

I can't wait to figure out polish combinations to make these all look their best!  I do know that for all the little heart glitters, I'll be turning the bottle upside down for a little before even trying to put them on.

What type of polish do you wear around Valentine's Day?  Red/pink or nail art or shaped glitters? Or is it nothing especially festive?

**all products purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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