Friday, January 4, 2013

I Got a Clarisonic Mia!


I finally did it!  What did I do?  I bought myself the Clarisonic Mia yesterday.  I knew that I was wanting to get one, but hadn't planned on buying fact, while I was in the mall all I was going to do was get my wedding ring cleaned and check out the Express sale for the Mister, then leave.  But then I went to the Limited (got a couple of camis), went to Forever 21 and Claire's (didn't get anything) and went to Icing (that will be coming up in the next couple of days) and actually stopped at the Mac counter in Macy's for the first time...and then I saw the Mia display.  This is the most expensive thing I've ever bought for skin care (not counting prescriptions).  I bought it from Macy's since I haven't been able to make it back to Sephora yet.  The thing about getting it from Macy's versus Sephora is that Macy's had quite a few colors to pick from (plus it was cheaper).  I got the lilac one. :-)

Clarisonic Refreshing Gel Cleanser sample
The woman who works at Macy's that I might want to not use this sample, but I'll hold onto it for now and maybe try it if I can't get my Cetaphil to work like how I think it should.

I already used it last night, but no opinions yet.  It comes with the "sensitive" head, but...I'm not sure how I feel about that one.  Maybe it was because of the first time using anything like it... I'll have to see if the sensitive head causes too much sensitivity and if it does, I'll get either the delicate head or the acne head.  Maybe I needed some more cleanser to give it more "slip"...I used Cetaphil last night, which claims to be gentle and doesn't strip your skin.  For at least the first week or 2, I'm only going to use it 2, maybe 3, times a week since I do have sensitivity from prescriptions and then from there I'll slowly add in more uses.

I did take some pictures of my skin all fresh from my shower - no makeup, treatments, moisturizer...nothing. I kind of scared myself with those pictures.  Yuck.  But this way, I'll be able to compare how my skin looks from day 1 to a month from now, and so on.  I'm hoping that through continued use, breakouts will happen less and less and hopefully the scarring will slowly start to fade.

If you have a Mia, which brush head do you use?  Sensitive, delicate, acne...?  What cleanser did you use with it?  Did you see the results you were hoping for?

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    1. It feels so nice on my skin, especially after I figured out which cleanser works best (as of right now anyway). What color do you want to get?