Friday, January 11, 2013

Get Your Number nails


Today's post is another current mani!  I put this on the other day after trying a couple of other ideas that completely failed.  Success at last!  Now the problem is picking the best pictures...these liquid sand polishes are so hard to get really good pictures of....

This is 2 coats of OPI Get Your Number over a base coat of Pro FX Fiberized Ridge Filler.  No top coat.
Top picture is most color accurate

 the Mister got me a macro lens for my camera (a.ka. my Droid phone)!!  
I had so much fun taking different pictures of this!
Just look at that texture!!

Get Your Number, from the Mariah Carey collection, is the second of the 3 Liquid Sand polishes I bought, and this one is so sparkly that right now it's my favorite of them!  I haven't put the purple on yet, so we'll see if my favorite changes or not.  I love that it has so much holographic glitter in the matte blue gritty texture.  This one does feel a bit more gritty than Stay the Night, but that's probably because the holo glitters are a larger size than the red ones from Stay the Night.  The tiny little downside is that I already have a chip going on one of my nails :-( . Get Your Number didn't seem to hold up quite as well as Stay the Night, but that could be operator error - thinner spot so chipped easier....

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