Friday, January 25, 2013

Early January Collective Haul!


I was going through my folders and saw that I'm already behind on sharing hauls...which means I've probably been shopping too, too much... So today I'm going to do a bit of catching up.  So let's journey back a couple weeks ago and see what I bought.

At CVS, Revlon foundations were on sale that week, so I decided to get this one that I had been debating on:
Revlon Nearly Naked foundation in 110 Ivory 
essence of Beauty Acai Infused teardrop sponges

I also thought that I would revisit the technique of using a sponge to apply foundation to get it to look more natural.  I've been using the Nearly Naked foundation off and on since I got it, and so far I am really loving it.  I've been applying it with a slightly damp sponge over the Neutrogena Shine Control primer  then setting it with a powder of some sort and that method is leaving me with a pretty nice result that lasts quite a while.  Lately I've been more into getting even-looking skin and not obsessing over covering blemishes with tons of heavy product.

On the same day, I went to Walmart, hoping to find a full display of the Selena Gomez collection from Nicole by OPI.  At first, all I found was 1 bottle of a non-glitter from the collection, but then I wondered through the aisles more and found the collection.  A full end-cap dedicated to this collection!  I had to get the ones that were on my list:
Selena Gomez collection from Nicole by OPI
Mi Fantasia, Kissed at Midnight and Sweet Dreams
~~All 3 pictures in the bottom row are with flash~~

and I got a couple other things from the beauty section, too:
Hard Candy Glitteratzi eye glitter gel in 351 Frosting (being discontinued) 
and another foundation sponge
And a cute Mickey necklace and earring set with pink stones

Then a few days later, I was out again.  I went back to CVS hoping some new things had been added to the clearance sale (didn't see anything new) and I was also looking for the Modern Family collection from Nicole by OPI, which I did see part of.  Would you believe I didn't get any?!  Seeing them in person I decided that I either didn't like it or had something that was pretty much the same already.  But, I did come home with some things.  I did have quite a few coupons that I redeemed for what I did purchase - 3 CVS coupons and 2 manufacturer coupons.
Revlon Grow Luscious Lash Liner in 003 Graphite
Revlon Lip Butters in 050 Berry Smoothie and 040 Red Velvet

Hmmm...maybe the key to buying less is to stay home?? If I don't see it in the store, I can't buy it...but then there's online shopping...but I do prefer getting things in person...  Anyway...I can't wait to come up with layering combinations for my new glitter polishes!  Any suggestions?

Do you see anything you have and love?  Did you/do you want to purchase anything from either the Selena Gomez or Modern Family collections?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated


  1. I break out so much and I wear the Revlon Color Stay and that makes my face feel irritated. The foundation u use.... Does it make ur face feel that way. What would u recommend for me. I have Combo skin and acne prone. I would also love to see ur whole fingernail polish collection. Thanks

    1. Hi! I'm not a fan of Revlon Color Stay in liquid form. I don't think I got breakouts from it (I think my breakouts are all from stupid hormones)- I just didn't like the way it wore throughout the day since it would start to slide around. Have you tried any of Neutrogena's foundations? Those seem to have be more skin-friendly. I like the way the Shine Control formula looks and feels. If your skin tolerates salicylic acid, then maybe give the SkinClearing formula a try. I also like Neutrogena's shine control primer to help the lasting power of my liquid foundations.

      As for seeing my whole polish collection, I have been thinking about doing something along those lines...I'll have to come up with a way to do it since I have so many. I might have to introduce a new series. :-)