Monday, December 31, 2012

Year of Firsts' Wrap Up


Can you believe that today is the last day of 2012?!?!  I know I can't!  It's gone so fast!  I know a lot of beauty bloggers and YouTubers are doing posts of their top favorite things/posts from the year but I wanted to be different.  I thought I would do a wrap up of the things I did (or brands I bought) for the first time this year.

Let's get started with makeup/beauty brands I purchased for the first time this year:
source, then cropped

Stores I found or visited for the first time this year:

Nail polish brands I purchased for the first time this year:
  • Zoya
  • China Glaze
  • Color Club
  • Magnetic polish (various brands)

Things/techniques I tried for the first time this year:
  • False lashes
  • nail art - gradients, stamping, tape

Miscellaneous things:
  • Ordered from (before this year, I didn't even know about it)
  • Registered with 
  • Participated in a Zoya flash sale (no easy task)

This is not nearly a complete list of firsts for me for this year, just the more notable ones.  Apparently I had quite a good year for new things.  I sure hope 2013 will be just as good to me, or even more so!

What things did you do/buy/go to for the first time this year?

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  1. Its good that you have done 1 year of amazing blogging with awesome reviews. Its great that you have made a list of the products you purchased during the year and providing reviews of them.