Sunday, December 16, 2012

Urban Decay New(er) to Me Pretty!


I was trying to decide what to post today...I'm still kind of undecided.  I know that the Mister would prefer that I clean the house some, but...
Cleaning house always overwhelms and intimidates me so much, especially when it seems like as soon as I turn around, between Kitty & the Mister, everywhere I just cleaned becomes trashed again...maybe not trashed, but that's how it feels....

So, back to what to post?  How about a little something I picked up on Urban Decay's website several months ago - a.k.a. August - and never got around to sharing...oops.  What did I pick up?  The Urban Decay Skull Palette/shadow box.  It's not available on the website anymore, though.  But if you really like the looks of it, I did just see it on eBay for probably around it's original price.  When I ordered it, it was on a pretty good sale and I had just come across some pretty good reviews of it, so I thought I'd get it.

Included shadows top down, left to right: 
Cherry, Midnight Cowboy rides Again, Grifter
Vert, Oil Slick, Shattered
Blunt, Chopper, Twice Baked

My order also came with a card sample of Primer Potion and 2 Complexion Primer Potions.

Do you have the Skull Palette?  What are your favorite looks using it?

**all products purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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