Monday, December 3, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday...DIY Snowmen Project!


I finally have another Miscellaneous Monday post with a winter-themed craft project.  Perfect for the entire snowy season...snowmen, of all kinds!  Just a warning, these little guys were not available for a proper photography session as I had made these years ago for my mom (I did try to blur out the background as much as I could so they would show up better).

Basic supplies are white pom-poms of various sizes, googly eyes, toothpicks (will be painted & cut for noses and arms), snowmen hats (found at the craft store), whatever you can dream up for little embellishments/accessories and some type of glue (these were made with a glue gun, but this was also before I discovered my fave glue).  They are all attached to a base of some type - most are random pieces of scrap wood that have been painted.
I used felt (cut for mittens), Scribbles paint (white for the snowball), and pipecleaners that came pre-twisted 
Top row utilized a full toothpick & a cut feather (to look like a broom), black perler beads, a section of craft lash base (with lashes cut off) glued to a little piece of toothpick for a "corncob pipe", a jingle bell & thread, more Scribbles paint and little scraps of wood painted to look like a sled
Next row has used some textured "snow" paint that comes with little balls in it, more Scribbles, more perler beads, a scrap of yarn, and a random black sequin cut into fourths for chunky buttons
 And this snowman has a ski set from the miniatures section at the craft store

What do you think of my little snowmen assortment?  Enough cuteness and inspiration for you to make your own?
These guys are so cute I might make some more just for :-)

**all products purchased by my mom, assembled by me
**all designs are my own (no access to internet back when I made them)

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