Monday, December 17, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday...DIY Christmas Ornaments

Can you believe how fast the time is going?!?!?  Next week it'll be Christmas and the week after will be the New Year!  Wow!  Speaking of time, it's time for another Miscellaneous Monday post.  I've got a couple more glass bulbs that I decorated and I think these 2 are my favorites out of the 8 pack I did. :-)

First up is Mickey!  I made a pair of these.  All I used was the clear glass bulbs, black Scribbles paint, and styrofoam. You know that stuff that just about every large electronic item in the world is protected in?  Yeah, that stuff.  I broke off a corner and then proceeded to pick it apart into various sized chunks...instant snowballs - if I remember right, that was the Mister's idea.  And for the Mickeys, I just free-handed on 4 Mickey heads so that they line up when looking through the ball.  Easy.  
And now I've got my adorable snowman decorated bulb.  Once again, I used the clear glass bulb, some Scribbles paint in brown, white, red and black, and I also dumped a bunch of clear glitter into the ornament then sealed it completely up with Aleene's Glitter Snow.  I made it look like there was a huge snow drift on top to make sure all that messy glitter stayed inside.  I also used the same Glitter Snow stuff to make the actual snowman and while it was still wet, I shoved in a tiny piece of toothpick I had painted orange for the snowman's nose.  Once it was all dry, I used the black Scribbles for buttons, eyes, mouth and hat; used the red for the scarf and the brown for stick arms.  I also used white Scribbles all around the bulb as dotted on snowflakes.
bottom left picture is taken from up above so you can see how well sealed in the glitter is

I love my little 3-d snowman!  I actually made 2 of these at the same time and they each have their own little quirks to make them unique. 

Do either of these look like something you would want to make?  

**all products purchased by me (or my mom depending on what it is)
**no inspiration used, just imagination

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