Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Leaves Fell onto the Harvest Moon...polish


Today I'm sharing my nail look I came up with for Thanksgiving...I know, that was a couple of weeks ago, but oh, well.  This look would be good for any Fall weather day.

First I started with, big surprise here, my ridge-filling base coat.  Then followed that up with 2 coats of China Glaze Harvest Moon (appropriate name for Fall nails).  I did use a quick-dry top coat, but right now I don't remember which one I pulled out.
 Different angles under/in front of the lamp
Harvest Moon is a gorgeous bronzey-brown filled with golden bronze shimmers; there's a touch of red shimmer in there too.  Love.
Looks extra glow-y in this picture!

After everything was good and dry, I pulled out Essie's Good As Gold and put it to work with a couple of stamping plates.  Good As Gold stamps wonderfully!  I used a couple of plates from Salon Express (SE03) and Fing'rs Flirt (B17).  One had a single leaf and the other had a pair of leaves.  I stamped on my ring fingers and thumbs for that double accent look again.  But, you only get to see the stamping on my thumbs since my ring fingers got kind of messed up looking (for looking nice in close-up pictures) and I didn't feel like fixing it.
Look at that pretty shimmer showing, especially on the left!

On my thumbs, I used the plate that had a pair of leaves (stamped 2 times on each thumb), and then I went back in with the littlest leaf from that pair and stamped again to make it a little more random looking.  Ring fingers just had the single leaf stamped a couple of times (again, no pics of those nails).
Plates with the used images circled
Left plate is what I used on my thumbs: Fing'rs Flirt kit (from Walmart)
Right plate is what I used on my ring fingers: Salon Express (Rite Aid, Big Lots, Sally's, Target...)

I really liked the way that this looked and was sad when it was time to take it off due to chipping a couple days later.

Harvest Moon is a part of China Glaze's Hunger Games collection that came out way earlier this year.  I picked mine up on clearance from Sally's Beauty Supply.  Good As Gold is part of Essie's Metallics collection that's been out for a while now, but I do still see some of the polishes sitting on stores' shelves or in displays.

What do you think of my Fall mani look?  Would you wear it?  What other polishes do you recommend for stamping?

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**my opinions are my own
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