Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hair Issues with Some Product Reviews


I'm doing something a little different today.  My original plan was to take pictures of what I picked up (so far) from the CVS Clearance Sale that I heard about on Nouveau Cheap's blog, but my battery for my phone - which is what I use for all my pictures since it's a really good camera - is essentially dead from using it so much during the down time of my hair appointment today.  So now it's on to Plan B, which is hair-related.

Story time!  I had my much-needed hair appointment today which involved fresh highlights, color for the rest and a cut.  After my coloring session was done and my stylist was combing my hair out, we both noticed that it was more tangled than usual.  We both thought that it was just my hair not liking that particular shampoo and needing something more moisturizing.  I also mentioned that I was reaching more for deep conditioners lately since my hair seems kind of dry lately so she suggested I switch to a more nourishing color-care formula.  And that was that.  But, as she was finishing drying my hair and preparing to straighten it, she noticed something about my hair. It's starting to show a haziness/cloudiness in a couple areas even though it was freshly colored.  What caused that?  Product buildup.  So then she started asking me what products I was using since she was trying to determine what was causing it.

Well, this is the shampoo I've been using - and not loving:
Color Revitalize Shampoo
I think my bottle looks a little different, but it's essentially the same shampoo.  Tresemme Advanced Technology Color Protection Shampoo.  Each time I've used it, I have to use lots of it and I keep thinking that this stuff seems to be drying my hair out.  Even while still in the shower, my hair was feeling dry and tangled, which with other shampoos it has not felt that way.  I've had to deep-condition weekly using this shampoo, while with others I only deep-conditioned every 2 or 3 weeks.  So, this stuff is OUT.  The Mister is going to find a new addition to his shower in the morning.  He'll use up the never-ending bottle for me.  I'll be getting out a new shampoo to try, and probably the matching conditioner too to start from scratch.  

I've been using this spray-in leave-in conditioner, but I finished it a couple of days ago.
This is the Suave Professionals Color Care Leave In Conditioner Black Raspberry with White Tea.  I'm not sure if this is/was part of the problem and I won't be able to tell since I finished it and I won't be replacing it until I use up some other products.

The other product that I use a lot of is a heat protectant.  I've been using this one:
Got2b Guardian Angel 425 Heat Protect Gloss Finish Flat Iron Balm.  I've been using this stuff for quite a while, but maybe that's the problem.  Sometimes I do feel like my hair ends up being a little...stiff...after using this.  Maybe my hair is starting to get the same temperament as my skin - a product works for a while, but then it stops working or even backfires and makes it worse.  Too bad for me, I have lots of back-ups of this since I bought them in duo packs of a large bottle with a travel size.  Looks like even more products will be going in my bag of cleaned out/thinned out products for my cousins...and I'm back on the hunt for a new heat protectant.  She also suggested I try an aerosol type of product so I wouldn't be spraying so much liquid on and then essentially frying the moisture right out of my hair with the straightener.  I might bite the bullet and get the Paul Mitchell Hot Off the Press since that's the one that she uses on me, I like the results and it smells so good.  I just wish is wasn't so pricey.  She also suggested that I try to use a bit less of the product each time - maybe I'm "over protecting."  

I have used a couple of new products from Not Your Mother's hair care, but I haven't used either consistently enough to know if either of them are causing the buildup.  I've alternated using both the Kinky Moves (received sample from Influenster) and the Smooth Moves off and on for the last few weeks.  Since I'm not using either one consistently, I'm not sure if either of those are part of the problem.

I suppose that it could be just so many months of products with never any clarifying.  I haven't used anything on the harsher/deep-cleaning side since I purposely tried to strip out as much of old hair color as I could, and for that I used some leftover dandruff shampoo until it was gone.  That happened way earlier in the year.

One more piece of advice that I received is that for about a week or so leading up to my next color appointment to use a clarifying shampoo to really get the buildup out.  So while I was out today I popped into Target and picked up one so I'd have it on hand since I know that those 6 weeks will fly by like no time at all.

Do you know of any heat protectant sprays in aerosol form?  Let me know since I'm on the lookout!

**all products purchased by me
**my opinions are my own, advice given by my hair stylist

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