Thursday, December 13, 2012

Birthday Nails!


It's finally here! Time for my birthday and if you're curious, I'm about that old. lol  Pretty nails always put me in a good mood, so after the way this week started I made sure that my nails were quite pretty and festive looking.

So for my festive nails, I got the idea to use a color that is one of December's birthstones: turquoise.  Now my polish isn't exactly the shade of turquoise I was envisioning, but it will do.  And of course, I wanted some glitter, so I decided to pull out a relatively new addition to my collection and use it for funky french tips.

So what combo did I come up with?  Well, I pulled out Wet 'n Wild Megalast in I Need a Refresh-Mint for my turquoise base and did 2 coats over my usual Bridge the Ridge base coat.  This is showing I Need a Refresh-Mint with Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Diamond Flash top coat on top since I was extra impatient today.
Under the lamp
 Sunlight through the window - what sunlight there was today, that is - not much

I Need a Refresh-Mint is a pretty creamy Tiffany-blue/light turquoise shade that dries with a fairly shiny finish, but I did add top coat before pictures since I wanted to actually be able to pick up my camera/phone without smudging.  I took 2 attempts to get this looking proper.  My first attempt had 2 coats that went on way too thick so knowing that even more polish would be going on (the glitter), I took it back off.  The second attempt, which is what's pictured, has 2 thin coats and it came out perfectly.  If it's quite a while before I use this again, I might add a drop or 2 of thinner to make it go on a little easier.  

Then I started adding funky french tips on using China Glaze's It's A Trap-Eze!  This took a little coaxing to get as much glitter I wanted spread evenly over the tips.  But, I decided mid-mani that I wanted a little more so it turned into a glitter gradient going up from the french tips.  Before pictures, I did put on a coat of Sally Hansen Diamond Flash quick dry to dry things up and smooth down some of the bumpiness.
The base of It's A Trap-Eze! is a very sheer milky white that didn't change my base color too much.  And it's got bunches of glitter in 2 different sizes of hex shapes.  It's got bright pink, blue, orange, yellow, either white or dull-silver and green.  The glitters are, I would say, a satin finish but that could be because of the milky base.
No sunlight pictures of It's a Trap-Eze! since by the time I was happy with how it looked, it was already getting close to sunset.  Man the daylight goes quick during this time of the year.  Anyway...I love how this looks!  It's like frosting and sprinkles on my nails!  So cute!

How do you celebrate your birthday?  New mani, shopping trip, going out to dinner...?

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**my opinions are my own & my combination is my own
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