Sunday, November 4, 2012

Woot Jewelry Mini Haul!


I'm still trying to get back into my routine and today I hard time getting in front of the computer to accomplish anything.  So when I finally made it to the computer and was trying to see what pictures are already on the computer and sorted out, I stumbled across the pictures of a order and thought I would share that briefly, even though I know that the items aren't available anymore.  If you haven't used before, products are listed each day for a bargain price and are available until either the stock runs out or the end of that day, whichever comes first.  This little mini haul was made possible by the Mister as he is the one that is on that site and the various categories' pages just about every day.  These items were found back around the middle of September - that seems like such a long time ago now....

Anyway, let's see what we found.  I forget how much each was, but I'm pretty sure all 3 were the same price, then shipping was on each individual item (and came shipped in 3 separate boxes too).
Each came in a cute hot pink cardboard box with Mickey and Minnie on it and 
wrapped in a white sleeve with information printed

 Mickey necklace in April's birthstone "diamond" 
~~the earrings were already sold out - stuff goes quick on that site~~

Mickey necklace and earrings in July's birthstone "Ruby"

Each item is made with sterling silver, but the gems are most likely imitation stones, which is totally fine with me.  These are all pretty little in size, but absolutely adorable.  I've compared them for size to a dime, and the dime is bigger.  The earrings are the perfect size to wear in either hole, and the necklaces will look cute either by themselves or as an accent piece layered with longer necklaces.

Where do you find your unique/bargain items online?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not affiliated

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