Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Where Has the Time Gone?


Remember me?  I'm back with a quick little post.  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend, and if you went shopping found lots of goodies. :-)  I know I did.  I even seemed to have made the holiday weekend much, much longer than just a weekend - more like a week.  Oops.

I have to say that I cannot believe how quickly the time is flying by.  Each day, I'll lay out a mental plan for what I want to accomplish and each time I look at the clock I can't believe how many hours of passed, with little to nothing being accomplished from that list.  I have got to get back on schedule.

Yesterday I made a note on Twitter about how the Mister and I have taken up a new hobby together and it is eating into much of the time I normally take to come up with content for here.  I am definitely enjoying learning and practicing our new hobby, so no regrets there.

I've got loads of pictures taken, but not edited or even organized, I have a couple of craft projects that I've started and haven't had time to finish, and of course the never-ending duties of running a household.  And I've still got that urge to go through and organize/sort/clean out various areas of the house.  But now that it's getting cold, I'm having a hard time resisting the urge to cuddle up with Kitty and/or a blanket so nothing is getting finished.  Can we say, lack of self-discipline?

I'm hoping that tomorrow, I will get my rear in gear and get projects finished and pictures sorted, edited and then posts drafted and start posting regularly again.  I hope...  I've got a couple of fall nail looks that I want to get up soon, and of course I will be posting about what I got for Black Friday (and other shopping trips).  I have some craft projects that are perfect for winter that I want to share.  I've also got a few other ideas in my brain, but we'll see if those work out or not.

Any tips on managing time better for someone that's completely off schedule?

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