Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Spotted, Hauled & Swatched...Revlon Just Add Sparkle collection!


I thought that today I would post a little, tiny polish haul featuring Revlon.  It's been a while since I bought any polishes from this brand, but this month I fixed that.  I also wanted to get this up sooner as this is a new holiday collection that is currently appearing at the drugstores, so if you like the looks of them, then I suggest running out to the store.  I bought the first 3 at Bed, Bath & Beyond about a week ago, but have since seen this collection at Rite Aid (where I got the 4th sparkly shade).
So, let's see the first 3 shades from Revlon's Just Add Sparkle Holiday 2012 collection.

Top is Brilliant Bordeaux - sheer gray/black base with tiny micro round black glitters, tiny magenta fine bar/hair glitters and holo bar glitters
Bottom is Sequins - clear base with gold micro-micro glitters and medium gold hex glitters
~~ swatches are one coat ~~
Midnight Sparkle - navy blue jelly(?) base with micro glitters and hex glitters
not sure of the color of the glitters since the base is so pigmented - maybe silver?
~~ swatch is one(!!) coat ~~

And, just to show all the collection at once, the 4th color which I picked up at Rite Aid
Ruby Ribbon - clear base packed with teeny tiny ruby micro glitters (I'm talking grains of table salt size), lots of tiny fine ruby bar/hair glitters and holo bar glitters
~~ swatch is one coat ~~

Swatches of all 4 together, one(!) coat each
Brilliant Bordeaux, Ruby Ribbon, Sequins, Midnight Sparkle

Out of the 4, Sequins seems to be the most un-unique/could have a dupe from another brand, but I do like that it has the 2 sizes of glitter - at the moment, I can't recall if other gold glitters have that or not.  If you're looking for a simple, one step jelly sandwich look, I'd recommend Midnight Sparkle.  I like that the other 2 contain hairy-bar glitters that are so fine, it doesn't really look like bar glitters...until you see the holo flash of the larger bars

Do you seen any you want to pick up?  Let me know which ones are your favorites.  :-)

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not affiliated/sponsored

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