Monday, November 12, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday...DIY Princess Ornaments


Time for another Miscellaneous Monday post and I wanted to do another holiday inspired one!  It took a while to find what I wanted to share today (had to go through storage) and then it took a while to get the pictures to come out (darn flash!).

So today, I'm showing some of the ornaments that I decorated years ago.  Before I was so in to Minnie Mouse, I was all about Cinderella.

Let's see what all I created however many years ago this was (I know that it's probably been at least 6 has time flown...)

The common supplies are clear glass bulbs and stickers of some sort.  Extra supplies are below each picture.
 Besides the stickers, I also dumped glitter inside the bulb & tried to seal the top so it wouldn't come back out
I also stuffed some cotton under the dress part of the sticker since it wouldn't lay down
I put some silver Scribbles paint on the topper part, and I'm pretty sure that I covered the stickers in mod-podge or thinned tacky glue
Her elbow is purposely sticking off the bulb (it just would not stick down) so it was stiffened with glue/mod-podge
Some crystal glitter paint was put around the stickers after they were sealed down with glue/mod-podge
Inside the bulb I stuck a few little craft ribbon rosettes that I cut the wire stem off 
Holographic-looking stickers
Rose petals cut off another small fake flower stuck inside
Wire-edged skinny ribbon for the bow
Gold Scribbles paint around each "sticker" and a star on the bottom
The "stickers" are actually pieces of tape that they used to sell that had designs on them

I recall having some frustrations making these as the stickers didn't like to really stick to the bulb, so some extra "encouragement" was needed through mod-podge &/or thinned out glue.

What do you think of these Disney Princess ornaments?  Do they inspire you?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**designed by me - no inspirational pictures/models

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