Monday, November 5, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday...DIY Mickey & Minnie Ornaments!

Today I've got a Miscellaneous Monday post to share...and it has a couple of really cute ornaments for the holiday season!  These are really easy ornaments to make, with just a few supplies.  Best of all?  Mickey and Minnie!! as snowmen!!...ummm...maybe snowmice? lol

These were inspired by ornaments I saw on last winter, so I can't take credit for the actual idea.  But I turned it into my own using supplies that I had on hand.
Aren't they cute?!?!

Want to know what I used to make these little cuties?
  • gold wire (probably around 4" each)
  • pearl beads - 2 sizes
  • black seed beads - 2 sizes
  • black faceted round beads
  • black Scribbles paint
  • tiny piece of ribbon for the bow
  • red yarn
  • hot glue gun
The pearls are strung onto the wire, which has a little flattened curl at one end (after the bottom pearl is on, blob on a little hot glue to hold it in place; also glue between the pearls).  Make a loop and lock it in place however you feel like.  From there, it's just gluing on the seed beads for buttons and a nose (the larger size), and the faceted beads for ears.  Painting was next...eyes (& lashes on her), a bunch of dots for the smiles and then free-hand on a black ear hat shape and cover the glue holding the "ears" on.  I also ended up filling in the holes on all the seed beads with paint. The bow was made by taking a short piece of ribbon and folding it to look like a little bow (I think I used a couple of stitches to hold it) and glue it on.  Last step is to wrap a little piece of yarn for the scarves (knot a few times ~4?) then fringe/untwist the ends a little.

Pretty simple, huh?  Here's a little photo collage so you can see where I drew my inspiration from:

What do you think of my little ornaments?  

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**my opinions are my own

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