Thursday, October 18, 2012

Small Polish Haul! featuring OPI, China Glaze & Color Club


So, I was thinking about what to post today, when I realized that on my twitter account, I promised an upcoming beauty supply haul soon, and that was...oh, over a week ago.  I actually bought everything 2 weeks ago and it took me several days to get around to photographing everything.  I need to make notes on when I want to do things or know, get more organized.  Huh...maybe one of these days.

Anyway, I had my mom with me and since I was her "chauffeur", she had to go where I went - lol.  We visited a couple of beauty supply stores that day, one being (of course) Sally Beauty Supply since they were running the famous 50% off clearance prices that weekend, and we visited North Coast Beauty Supply (the store that I ranted about a few months ago).

So, let's see what all I got from Sally's:
New metal hair sectioning clips and China Glaze Make A Spectacle
Make A Spectacle (from the Wicked collection) is unique to my collection, so I wanted it & had to have it.  I wanted to get Immortal, too, but that Sally's was out of it.

And now, let's see what I got from North Coast.  This time the experience was...better?....for lack of a better word.  Both workers ignored us, except for noticing that we were looking at the China Glaze gift pack and one said the individual bottles were up by the register.
Left to Right:  OPI DS Classic ; China Glaze Immortal ; Color Club Gift of Sparkle
I had seen swatches of OPI Classic on a blog recently and went "Ooo I want!" and got lucky enough to spot this in the display.  This one was a pain to get good pictures of.
China Glaze Immortal was one of the polishes that I was most interested in getting from the Wicked collection and was able to snag it here (and for cheaper than Sally's).
Color Club Gift of Sparkle (from the 2012 Winter Affair holiday collection) attracted my eye with its pretty holo sparkle in it.

Did you manage to get any of the China Glaze Halloween collection polishes?  Any other polishes that you didn't know you wanted until you saw?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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