Friday, October 12, 2012

Project "Finish this Stuff," part 12


Today I'm doing a little something different on my project "finish this stuff."  Instead it will products that are trashed but not finished.  I've been in the mood lately to clean out from just about everywhere and I came quite a few beauty things that are all deserving of seeing the trash can without even trying to finish the product first. I can't do things like this often because a lot of times I feel guilty that I bought something and then never used it before it was really past its expiration date. Darn self-imposed guilt trip. :(

Anyway, let's see what met the trash can recently.

Some items are really old and should not be used :
3 facial masks in different scents - didn't notice any difference before and after using, so I rarely used them and then it was way past the expiration date (a few years past, oops).

Some items don't work at all for me:
Mary Kay Hand Cream with  spf 4 mini tube - separated and felt really watery when trying to apply (also fairly old)
Elf Zit Zapper - did absolutely nothing for me

Some items dried out before I could even use them once:
L.A. Colors Color Craze nail polish minis in a gold glitter and silver chunky glitter

And this facial tool thing (I don't even remember what brand it is), just plain old quit working after about 2 uses.  I even tried brand new batteries on more than one occasion. 

Do you ever come across items that you just toss instead of attempting to use up?  Do you feel guilty that you bought items that never got used before tossing?

**all products purchased by me (or given to me by my mom)
**all opinions are my own

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