Monday, October 15, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday Logo Debut!


It's time for Miscellaneous Monday again and this time, I'm debuting my logo I made for it! (If I can type right, my fingers are all confused today...)

Anyway, new logo!:
I think it's quite adorable and makes it seem like we're buddies getting ready to have a casual conversation about, well...anything!

I do have another variation on this one that might appear from time to time, and if I get inspired I might do one that is more like a banner...and if I get really inspired, even different ones for holidays.  If you're curious, I edited and combined a couple of images, and then labeled and watermarked it.  This took me a couple of hours, at least, to get the Minnie right since she was actually on a black background and I had to get it looking like she really is sitting on the edge of the cabinet, anxiously awaiting some gossip (I'm really tired for some reason so apparently my mind is being a bit silly).  I'd say I did pretty well for not having much experience in the way of creating images.

What do you think of my logo?

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