Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Influenster Beauty Blogger VoxBox 2012 Contents & Initial Thoughts


I was so excited to find out that I was chosen to receive the Beauty Blogger BoxBox that I was practically jumping up and down with excitement!  And now I've recently received my Beauty Blogger VoxBox 2012 from Influenster with new or new to me products and it's time to share with you all what I received for review.

When my box arrived, I was both excited and a little concerned.  Excited because it was definitely heavier than my Summer Beauty VoxBox.  And concerned because there was something rolling around in the box so I was worried something had broken.  But when I opened the box, all was whole.
I received quite a variety of products, from hair to makeup to fragrance & a candle.  I do have to admit that there is one item that I'm not sure how well I'll be able to test and make a review on.
I took my pictures in categories, so first up is the makeup products:
Kiss Ever Pro Lashes starter kit in style 05 
NYC Individual Eyes eyeshadow quad + primer & illuminator in the shade 0156-08 Dark Shadows
I was very excited by the lash kit as I've never tried falsies before.  A little Yay!! even popped out of my mouth when I saw them.

As for the eyeshadow palette, I was happy I got makeup, BUT I actually bought the exact same palette when it came out last year for the Halloween season, so I wished I had received a different palette.  This particular one will probably go in the back-up product drawer and I will use my older one to re-test & review.

Next group of products sent for testing is in the hair category:
Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin for dark hair
Not Your Mother's Kinky Moves Curl Defining Hair Cream

As for the Spin Pins, I'm really not sure I'll even be able to test these myself as my hair is short - around the middle of my neck, but not a consistent length so.....at least the color is right.  I'll try, though.

For the Not Your Mother's, I really wish I would have received the other formula (Smooth Moves Frizz Control) since my hair doesn't really curl - it does slight waves, but mostly just gets big if it air dries.  I straighten my hair pretty much every time I wash it, either just blowing it out as straight as I can &/or flat ironing it.  I will try this out for the frizz-control aspect of the formula.  I might purchase the Smooth Moves to see how they compare for frizz control.

Home fragrance items:
White Barn 1.3 oz mini candle in Black Pepper Bergamot from Bath & Body Works
Coupon towards a candle purchase from Bath & Body Works
I've never actually purchased a candle from there (shocking!) so I'm looking forward to seeing how well scented this is (there is another scent I smelled there one day that was sooo gooood).  This particular scent, I can't decide if I like it or I don't...it does remind me of something, I'm just not sure what.  Maybe I'll figure it out when I actually burn it (where's that lighter?).  I had better hurry up & decide if I want another scent in the big-boy size before the coupon expires.

I received one body spray fragrance from a brand I've never heard of before:
Vitabath Fragrance Mist with moisturizing Vitamin E in the scent In Bloom.  The lid to this is what I was hearing rolling around - it had popped off in shipping.
I did open the bottle and wasn't so sure about the smell...but I'll give it a chance.  Maybe I'll like the scent after it has time to dry down on the skin.

And the last item in my box:
EBoost Daily Health Booster in all-natural orange flavor.
Perfect timing for this little sample as the weather is all over the place (it's Ohio - wait 10 minutes and it'll change).  Yes, that is an actual saying around here.  So on one of those really crazy weather days, I'll be ripping this open & seeing how it does.

Have you used any of these products before?  Did you like them?

I was sent these products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster when I mention these products online.

**My opinions are entirely my own - one (or more) of these products I have used before and purchased with my own money**

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