Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Disney Princess Inspired Nails


So today I was trying to figure out what to post about, and decided that I would put up a nail look that I was inspired to do a while ago.  I think this would be perfect for if you (or your little girl) wants to dress up as Princess Jasmine since the colors are directly inspired by one of her outfits.

Let's have a look at the progression of this mani:
Step 1 (after base coat, of course)
2-3 coats of Essie Good as Gold 
Thick coat (plus a little dabbing) of Sally Hansen Diamond Strength White Veil - shown is only on the ring finger, but the finished look is with it on all fingers

Step 2
Thick coat (plus a little dabbing) of Love & Beauty (Forever 21) in Crystal/Turquoise

Step 3
2 coats Revlon Colorstay in Amethyst for somewhat wide funky tips
Also, at this stage you can see that I've added S.H. White Veil to the rest of my nails

Step 4
Make them all match  
Top off with a coat of Gelous (waited about 10 minutes before applying)
Then a quick dry on top of that after another few minutes

If I do this again, then I would tape off where I want the tips to be so there isn't glitter under the purple causing bumpiness and thickness.  That's my main note that I made when I finished the look.  My other thought is that the S.H. White Veil isn't necessary; it's just there because I was playing around with Good as Gold before inspiration struck.

Let's see my inspiration:
Purple...check.  Gold necklace...check.  Turquoise jewel/threads through fabric...check

Sally Hansen White Veil is a limited edition polish, as well as Essie's As Good As Gold...but the Essie is probably still available at many stores that got the collection in.  Love & Beauty/Forever 21 polishes are hit and miss as to whether you'll come across the same ones again.  Revlon's Amethyst is (I believe) a core color.

I do have some other ideas, but I'm not feeling the inspiration to actually put polish to nail....  What do you think of my Princess Jasmine inspired nails?  Let me know!

**all products purchased by me
**my combinations are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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