Wednesday, October 10, 2012

2012 Pumpkin Polish Swatches!

**all items purchased by me

I've been busy shopping trying to find new long sleeve tees, new boots, and a new coat the last couple of days and have managed to completely wear myself out.  It is definitely time to finish the transition to Fall clothes...the nights are getting so cool it makes you wish you were wearing a winter coat.

But for today's post, I'm going to show swatches of Halloween polishes that I picked up at Rite Aid.  These little guys are known as the "Pumpkins."  I, however, didn't buy the actual pumpkin shaped bottles this year (except for one, but I'll get to that).  I bought a 5 pack of mini sized regular shaped bottles.  I believe the set was around $6.  I had debated with myself over buying the individual bottles of the colors that really interested me (purple glitter, teal/magenta glitter, and pink glitter) but then decided that buy the time I would buy 3, I would have the whole set paid for (and get more colors by getting the set).  Since I have so many glitters in my collection already, I knew that I wouldn't be in danger of using up minis...and the minis are so much easier to line up in the drawer.

None of these have names.

 Swatches (one coat each):
  • #1 is a sheer hot pink with irridescent glitters and microglitters
  • #2 is purple hex glitters in a clear base
  • #3 is primarily bright teal blue hex glitters with some magenta-purple hex glitters
  • #4 is superfine glitter in primarily rosey pink with gold; there's also some bright pink glitter sprinkled in
  • #5 is actually different from the orange glitter one that came out last year.  This year's has orange and black bar glitters, orange microglitter, and small orange hex glitters.  Last year was just orange and bar glitters in one bottle or orange bar and orange hex glitters in another bottle; neither had the microglitter.

 And this is what the actual Pumpkin bottle looks like:
I liked the pink and gold superfine glitter polish so much, 
I bought the full size of it the next time I saw it at Rite Aid.

There was also a set of neon-looking colors, but they didn't interest me.  Later on (probably a couple weeks or the start of November) these little pumpkins will transition over to the "Snowmen" polishes so we'll see what comes out then.  If you want to know the maker of this line, it is Blue Cross Beauty Products.  I recently discovered that Blue Cross Beauty is also responsible for the Color Zone polishes that show up at TJ Maxx.

Have you purchased any of the Pumpkins from this year (or prior years?)  Which ones?

**all products purchased by me
**my opinions are my own

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