Sunday, September 30, 2012

Where I Want to be Right Now


I'm just going to do a quick post today showing you where I would like to be right now.  Kitty will be helping me show you as he seems to always have the best spots picked out for being warm.

I can't decide if just part of the head peeking out from a nice warm, heavy blanket would be the perfect spot

Or if nothing but a few fingers/toes sticking out from under the blanket would be perfect.

If you can't guess, right now I am on the cold side.  I'm definitely wishing that my computer didn't have to have a small box fan aimed right on it at all times to keep it cool enough...that makes for some pretty cold legs and feet.  Combine that with the falling temperatures of the beginning of Fall and, well...all I want to do is be under a blanket or three.
Kitty and I snuggling.

When the temperature starts to cool, how do you keep warm?  Blankets, warm drinks, snuggling with a pet?

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