Saturday, September 8, 2012

Spotted: More Halloween Displays!


It's been a while since I've posted about Halloween displays that I've seen so that's what I'm doing today.  So far, the only place that I've seen any displays are at various Rite Aids and a tiny bit (2 displays) at KMart.

Let's start with KMart:
Kiss Nail Dress stickers.  
The picture on the right is of the corner of the display that had a grouping of all 6 designs.
$6.99 each
ImPress press-on nails
6 designs, $7.99 each

Now, back to my usual...Rite Aid:
NYC Sweet & Devilish collection: 
mascara (core) $4.99, 2 double ended liners, 2 sets of lashes $3.49, 
highlighter duo $4.99, 2 lipstick duos $2.99, 3 polishes (center polish is a glow-in-the-dark) $1.99,
2 eyeshadow duos $2.99
2 different Fight Night Frightening Lashes displays so 12 different designs total:
 $5.99 a set (above pic); no price posted for next pic
(Upper left) Spooktacular Eye, Face & Body art kits (2 sets ) and 2 sets of lashes
$4.99 each
(Lower right) Spooktacular Nail Jellies (2 sets) $3.99 each
 Pretty Women Halloween Stiletto Nails (designs in bottom pic)
Fing'rs Edge Fashion Nails in 3 designs
(left) Hot pink with black crackle; (center) Vampire teeth; (right) silver background with black spider and web
no price posted

This post wraps up all of the Halloween displays that I've seen to date.  I'm sure that later in the month and into October, more will start to appear.  Out of all these displays, I've picked up a few things from only the NYC display.  The nail stickers and press-ons are all cute designs, but rather than purchase them I might use the designs as inspiration to create my own :-).  I am definitely looking forward to seeing what else appears from the various brands in the coming weeks.

**all opinions my own

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