Friday, September 28, 2012

September Sally's Beauty Haul with China Glaze & Orly!


Today I decided I wanted to share the items that I've picked up during the month of September.  That makes it sound like there's a lot, but actually I only bought things during 2 stops.  I did manage to stay away from Sally's all the way up until there was an email announcement last weekend about clearance items being an additional 50% off...that broke my resolve.  I had to check it out!

My 50% off clearance goodies (paid less than $7 for all 4 combined!):
2 China Glaze polishes from the On Safari collection:  Jungle Queen and Elephant Walk
There were other colors (and the 2 glitters) as well, but I just wanted the more unique looking ones and had already bought the glitters
2 Orly polishes from the Electronica collection: Decoded and Shockwave
Now I have all 4 from this collection

And then I saw this on Orly's Facebook page a couple days later and decided that it's unique enough that if I could find it, I would get it.  I knew I had seen it at the store recently (but I was entirely focused on clearance goodies so didn't get it then).  And then since I couldn't remember which location I saw it at, it took visiting all 3 of the stores closest to where I live, and driving around in crappy weather, but I found it.
Orly Atomic Splash from the latest Glam FX glitter release.
I wish the price had been less, but....gunmetal glitter!
I've already gotten into the bottle and currently have it on as glitter tips.

Lately, I seem to be drawn to all the gray polishes out there...must be the weather.  Today was the first day in at least a week that there was a little bit of sunshine.

Does the weather influence the shades of polish you gravitate towards?  Did you find any pretties at Sally's clearance sale (if you went)?

**all items purchased by me
**all opinions are entirely my own

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