Thursday, September 27, 2012

Online Shopping and Ramblings Induced by a Cold...


I'm not sure what to blog about today.  For the past week and a half, I've had a pretty bad cold with a sore throat and body aches so my energy, focus and attention span are all about nil.  My current favorite saying?:  "Make the sickie go away!" 

And apparently, the smallest things amuse me when I feel like this.  I have this little section of hair that grows down in front of my ear, all pretty short hair.  Even though I straightened most of my hair yesterday, that tiny little section has one perfect curl.  I find that highly amusing.

So what have I achieved today?  I made it through a dentist appointment (all good) and picked up a few things from Big Lots.  I made brownies...and ate 2 of them already.  I've done a little proofreading for the Mister.  One more task must be completed - ironing a dress shirt.

Oh, and I did a little online shopping on  I did a little damage.  I feel a little like a kid right now, but take a look at what I ordered:
Minnie Mouse Beauty Shop Play Set -- 9-Pc.
Goes perfect with both my love of Minnie and love of beauty products!  I see this being set up on a shelf between my vanity and my dresser.  I also ordered an ornament:
Minnie Mouse Sketchbook Ornament
This ornament is going to be hanging out somewhere in the kitchen all year long.

So, I have some adorable Minnie things on their way to me.  I will have to wait longer than normal since Disney isn't shipping out any orders until October 1... :-(  Oh, well.

How do you get re-energized when you've been sick for way too long?  A little retail therapy?  A hot cup (or 4) of tea?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own

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