Friday, September 7, 2012

National Wear Teal Day Mani!


I'm going to start trying to push myself to wear more creative/inspired nails rather than my usual 1 polish or polish plus glitter accent.  With that said, today I'm showing off a mani combo that I came up with for National Wear Teal Day (September 7) as part of Ovarian Cancer Month.

Here's what I did:
  • Bridge the Ridge ridge filling base coat
  • 3 coats Wet 'n Wild Fastdry in Silvivor
 Silvivor is a bright silver foil finish that dries pretty quickly (it should given it's formula).  
The color and shine reminds me of aluminum foil, especially from far away. :-) 
Closer up, you can definitely see the foil-particles/shimmers, so being careful about brush strokes is important.  
And to make it more challenging for me, the brush in my bottle is on the fluffy side...

Then I added Wet 'n Wild ColorIcon Cost Is No Issue:

  • on ring fingers, a thin coat over the entire nail
  • on the rest of the nails, dabbed on a gradient using the brush (most of the way cleaned off)
  • put on a coat of Gelous after I took the pics since Cost Is No Issue definitely dries gritty-feeling and it's a topcoat eater

Cost Is No Issue is from the Ice Baby collection of 2011.  
It's a gorgeous teal glitter composed of mostly lighter teal micro-glitter combined with bright teal blue hex glitters in a  clear base (there's just so much micro glitter that the base looks tinted).
I really wish this was in a full-size bottle - it's half the size of Silvivor - and I wish that it would be readily available.  

Silvivor is a core color and available where ever Wet 'n Wild is sold for around $2.  Cost Is No Issue is, unfortunately, a limited edition polish.  I know of no true "dupes" for it and a quick search didn't bring up anything close.  It's too bad that when Wet 'n Wild did their Spoiled and Fergie lines they didn't re-release all of the Ice Baby collection colors under new names like they did with some of the shades. :-/

How do you get inspired to wear more involved nail looks?  Search for images, go with a color theme...?  Let me know as I'm always trying to get inspired to go outside my comfort zone. 

**all products purchased by me
**opinions are my own, not biased in any way
**combinations are my own

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