Saturday, September 15, 2012

My Really Wistful Wishlist


I thought that since I am currently attempting a restricted buy, I would do a post about some of the things that I want (not need) to purchase when I'm able to again (or can sneak in...shh).  I was hoping that this restriction would just be for the month of September, but since I got off to a rough start - and other large expenses have come up, I really should try to extend this into October.  The Mister would be happy if I stopped buying stuff, period (today he literally asked me "How much did you buy today?").  I hate it when he goes into that mode.
Anyway...back on topic.  So what all do I want to purchase?  There are quite a few things.  Some I will have to purchase (new cleanser to try)...others I just want to.  In this list of wanted products, I've included the links to where I found out about them.

  1. The new, limited edition EOS lipbalm trio.  How could I not want this?  It's lipbalm, which I can never have enough of, and it has Mickey on it(!).  I think a 3-pack for around $8 isn't too bad.  I'm hoping I will see these at Walgreens next month.
  2. Revlon's new nail stencils in this display as well as this one.  I love the idea of stencils for the nails since sometimes I have difficulty with stamps.  What would be even better is if these stencils would be reusable.  
  3. Of course, if this is going to be an all-inclusive wish list, I must include Urban Decay.  :-)  I would love to get my hands on the Feminine, Dangerous, and Fun palettes.  The Smoked palette has also caught my eye.
  4. While on Urban Decay, I'll go ahead and include the Naked Foundation and the Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush.
  5. This one hasn't even been released yet...Color Club "Halographic" polishes - the whole entire collection, please.  :-) 
  6. Sally Hansen has a new line of polishes coming out called Lustre Shines that I would love to see in person.  This post here has swatches of 6 of them.  Hopefully, these will become part of the permanent line so there won't be a rush to purchase.
  7. There are a few other things that I've seen while out at Rite Aid, but I don't have pictures of them or links to posts about them.  For instance, Sinful Colors came out with a magnetic line ($5) and there is one polish in particular that caught my eye.  And in the Halloween displays, there are some glitter polishes that are pretty unique to what I have (trying to decide whether to purchase the individual "pumpkin polishes" or the 4-piece set - the bottles are probably smaller in the set though).

I'm choosing to not even think about adding up the cost of all these items combined.  Will I purchase any of them?  I have to admit that I will probably end up picking up the items I find at drugstores...just one item per purchase per day (and maybe week).  Is this everything that I want?  Most likely, no since there are always new items coming out, new limited edition collections surfacing, etc....  

I have to admit it:  I am addicted to shopping.  

*all opinions are my own

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