Monday, September 3, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday...Walmart DIY Earring Kit


For today's Miscellaneous Monday post, I decided to show the earrings that I made using a kit that I bought from Walmart last summer.  I'm not sure if this kit is still available, though.  There might even be new kits available - I haven't looked in that section for a little while since it was getting reorganized (again) and expanded.

 I've worn the silver/marbled earrings a few times.
 I just wore these pink ones the other day...perfect length to peek out under the length of my hair :-)
I've worn the brown and gold earring several times since for a while I didn't have any other earrings with brown in them but I do have several brown tees and sweaters.  This brown set reminds me of fall.

If I remember correctly, this kit was between $4-$6.  I think it came with supplies to make 2 more pairs of earrings in other designs, but I didn't care for the final look of one pair so I took them back apart.  The last pair I still haven't made since (if I'm reading the pattern/instructions correctly) the kit was short some of the beads so I have to redesign it somewhat.

If you make some of your own accessories, do you use kits or just go with what draws the eye?

**all products purchased by me

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