Monday, September 10, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday...More Jewelry Crafting Time!


I've really been inspired to get back to making jewelry again, so I'm showing off a few of my latest creations for today's episode of Miscellaneous Monday.  

 Love this black etched heart with red accents!  I believe this is from a line from Cousin that is sold at Walmart and Jo Ann Fabrics.
I used some seed beads and bicones for the chain decoration.

I found the red glowing spheres somewhere a while ago and combined them with some black and red seed beads and a couple faceted round beads for this pair of earrings.

This pendant part of this necklace is actually a single earring that I found somewhere.  
For the chain decoration, I combined a wooden-looking tube shaped bead with a couple bicones and some seed beads.

I think these pieces will be perfect for the upcoming seasons.  The brown necklace looks especially fall-like. Now I just need to make some earrings to coordinate with it.  I really hope that this creative spurt I've been in lately doesn't dry up soon.  I'm really enjoying being creative.

**all products purchased/found by me
**all designs are my own creation

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