Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mini Marshall's Haul!


I haven't been feeling particularly well this week so I took yesterday off, hoping I would get over my cold/sinus whatever...that didn't work.  But I need to try to stay in the habit of blogging everyday, so I thought today I would share the few things I picked up at Marshall's 2 months ago.

I went looking for some more things from the Balm to try, but I didn't find any.  However, I did find a new pair of cute sunglasses as well as a couple of Essie polishes.

 Steve Madden sunglasses.  I think they were around $10.
(top) Essie nail polish in Pinkadelic
(bottom) Essie nail polish in Sequin Sash
These were around $4 each

When I picked up Pinkadelic, it was with the intention to give it to my mom since (according to work rules) she can only wear the most neutral of shades...somehow this bottle is still in my stash.  Oops.  Both of these polishes are sheer, but both also have their own little "extra" that makes them interesting & pretty. These will be nice to dress up other polishes with.  :-)

Since this purchase, the few other times I've been to Marshall's have yielded nothing.  Boo (but better on the wallet that way).

Have you found anything good at a Marshall's near you?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own

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