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Today I am revisiting Zoya FeiFei.  I really liked how this one looked and wore it for a day or 2 by itself...but then as I was reorganizing the "stash," I saw my stamping plates and got the urge to play.  So I did, somewhat successfully.  I say somewhat because I never cleaned up the stamping plate between each stamp, so some of the stamps got a little blurry...and then I put topcoat and it pretty much all fell apart.  Even though I waited a couple minutes first, just about every nail got messed up.  I was not a happy camper.  So I took a few pictures and put everything away.
 This thumb came out the best out of all my nails.
 Don't look too closely.  
At least I managed to get them all stamped at roughly the same angle and spot on the nails.

Salon Express plate #SE11
I used the circled image
I used the white polish that came in a Fing'rs stamping kit.

If you do nail stamping or free-hand art, what topcoat do you use and is there a more ideal technique to not get smudging?  Wait longer between finishing the art and applying topcoat?  I would appreciate any tips you have to share.  Please and thank you...

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