Saturday, September 1, 2012

Essie Collection Sightings & A Swatch!


Today I'm sharing the 4 most recent Essie displays that I've seen.  This is going back into June, but I'm still seeing all of these collections out at the drugstores.

First up is the Metallics collection.  I took these pictures in June:

I did pick up 1 polish from this collection a week or so later.  I purchased Good as Gold since I read on a blog that it would probably be pretty good for stamping.  So, here's a photo of it on me (2 coats over a ridge filling base coat, no topcoat):
Good As Gold**
I'm considering purchasing a couple other shades from this collection, but haven't decided for sure.

Now, the next collection that I saw, I never heard anything about from anywhere...not even any info from Essie.  The only place I saw this was at the Harmon's inside my local Bed, Bath & Beyond.  The pictures are from July.
From left to right:  Love & Acceptance (2 rows), Who is the Boss, Like to be Bad, Instant Hot (2 rows)
~I did not purchase any from this collection.~

The next collection that came out and I saw was the Yogaga collection:
From left to right:  Marathin, Boxer Shorts, Pilates Hottie, Yogaga
It seems like at other stores, there is another polish in this collection but this is what I've seen.
~I have not purchased any from this collection, but that might change.~

Finally, the most recent collection: Stylenomics:
From left to right: Head Mistress, Stylenomics, Skirting the Issue, 
Miss Fancy Pants, Don't Sweater It, Recessionista
~I have not purchased any from this collection either, but (once again) that might change.~

There you have the 4 most recent collections from Essie I've seen.  Out of the 4 collections, so far I have only bought 1 polish.  If I spy any of these on clearance in the future, then they will most likely end up in my basket.  Otherwise, it will depend on if I see swatches that I like that influence me to purchase earlier.

Unless otherwise noted, these displays were seen at both Rite Aid and Walgreens.  

Have you seen and/or purchased any polishes from these collections?  Any must haves?

**product purchased by me
**my opinions are my own

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