Thursday, August 16, 2012

Winter Mist Nails


Today I have a polish that I've had for quite a while and never felt like trying it out...until a couple weeks ago.  The entire week it was overcast and looked like it could rain any minute.  I got to wondering if I had any polish that was similar to the color of the sky so I went through my stash and found this.  I tried some free-hand nail art but that came out so horrible I'm not showing it.

This is (I think) 3 coats of Revlon Winter Mist, no base coat or top coat.
 At 3 coats you could still see some nail line showing through on nails that had thinner coats.  
I really need to work on getting more consistent on coat thickness...

Revlon Winter Mist is a sheer pale gray polish with no shimmer.

I have a half size bottle (.25 fl. oz.) that came in a 3-pack that also included Pink Ice and Cherries in the Snow that I found either last summer or the summer before at Big Lots.

Does this color remind you of rain/storm clouds?  If not, what polish does?

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