Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What I've been doing


I thought tonight I would put up a quick post so I can try to get back into the habit...it's amazing at how quickly habits can be broken.  For the first part of this month, I've been battling a cold/sinus issue that has really wiped out my focus and energy...and the resulting haziness of cold medicine has not helped at all.  The Mister hasn't been much better than me at getting things done in the evenings either.  What I can say is that we've spent more time together lately than for quite a while.

Sunset over the Ohio River from a couple weeks ago

But...time to get back to daily accomplishments.  I did manage to finish a project that I blogged about a couple weeks ago (also tried repressing eyeshadows for the first time since a couple broke pretty bad).  And I'm trying to work daily on swatching all my polishes onto nail wheels (going by brand and then type for the most part).  I keep looking at my jewelry-making supplies and I'm starting to get inspired to make some new pieces.  I can say that right now since the weather has turned a bit, the pool water is a little chilly to try to go swimming so that is one less distraction.

I've got lots and lots of pictures (way too many to count since I haven't gotten rid of the bad ones yet) of the shopping that I've been doing.  And even though I had to cut my nails back again I've been polishing them and trying to remember to take pictures.  Even though right now I feel a little overwhelmed at how behind I am for things (blog, email, google reader...) I am determined to catch up and hopefully I will be able to stay caught up.  I just need to figure out how to organize my time to fit in everything that I want to.  (One way is to not pick up a good novel to read since I have a hard time not putting it down until it's finished...oops.)

Do you have any tips on prioritizing your time to get everything accomplished?

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