Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Spotted, Hauled & Swatched - Maybelline Fall Fashion Week!


I thought that today I would share with you what all I picked up from the Fall 2012 Fashion Week Collection from Maybelline.  I purchased these items at 3 different stores over a couple different days last week.

Display pictures:
2 eyeliners/2 brow pencils (core line), blushes
4 eyestudio quads, 6 shades lipstick
Touch of Light illuminator (center of display)

Color tattoos (4 L.E., 2 core) and brushes
**notice how with the Color Tattoos, there are brushes in the display 
(no price though, which is an issue with Rite Aid)**
6 shades Color Show polish

First, I picked up 3 of the limited edition Color Tattoos from Rite Aid:
Rich Mahogany, Barely Beige, Mossy Green
These are 2 swipes and then patted on a little more to build up

Then at a second Rite Aid, I picked up all of the polishes (the first Rite Aid hadn't put this display out yet).  I was actually able to get a pretty good deal on these by utilizing coupons and +Up reward deals.
Swatches on the right, number of coats noted by each name (top down):
Metal Icon (2), Avante Green (2), Downtown Brown (3)
Boho Gold (3), Auburn Ablaze (3), Pink Cosmo (4)

The final item that I've bought from the Fall Fashion Week collection is one of the eyeshadow quads.  I picked this up at Discount Drugmart (I always forget that store is around).  Their prices are comparable to Walmart and Target so it was cheaper getting it there versus Rite Aid.
Eyestudio quad in Olive Martini
Swatches done like fingerprints :-)
1st circle is the lightest/1st color in the quad (promise!) It's pretty much the same color as me
2nd circle is the last color in the quad.  It's pretty much the same color as the tattoo in Rich Mahogany
3rd circle is the 3rd color in the quad (the brown w/blue duochrome)
4th circle is the 2nd shade in the quad (light silvery blue) This one takes a little building to show up well

Extra thoughts:
I keep debating about picking up the other limited edition color tattoo.  I'm also not decided on if I just want the one eyeshadow quad, or if I want to get the others (maybe I'll wait and see if they are still around when clearance time comes).  I will most likely pass on all the lipsticks since I don't wear them that much anyway (most look the same on me, no matter how they look in the tube, thanks to naturally pigmented lips).  I'm not a fan of the Maybelline blushes so I will pass on those.  The eyeliners are all core colors, and 2 of the color tattoos are core as well so I can get those anytime if I want.  I'll also pass on the Touch of Light product since I'm "lit" enough with my oily skin...

Have you or will you pick up anything from this collection?

**all items purchased with my own money
**not affiliated/sponsored

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