Monday, August 27, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday...DIY Necklace & Bracelet


I'm trying to get back into regularly posting my Miscellaneous Monday routine, as well as sharing more of my craft projects, especially with upcoming holidays and gift-giving events.

First up is a bracelet that I made that actually coordinates with the set that I showed last week.
While I was looking for the name of the stones (Blue Sandstone), I came across some more that are in yet another size/shape.   I got inspired to make a third bracelet to go with the previous 2.  I still have enough of the small Sandstones to make another pair of earrings...or I might try my hand at something new.  
The round pink stones are different (I'm not sure what exact type they are); they are more of a lighter pink.  The only thing I would have done differently is tie off the knot next to a pink stone rather than between the Blue Sandstones.

The pendant and end of chain decoration are both pictured 2 times on different backgrounds to show how transparent the pink jewel is.  I bought the pendant on clearance from Walmart I think last summer.  The large round silver circle that has the chain decoration  on it (pictures on the right) is taken from an unused/unfinished chain I bought last year at Jo Ann Fabrics on clearance.  The accent dangle on the decoration is a bead that I found a long time ago.  The 2 outer dangles are made of 3 stone chips that I think I purchased at Walmart last summer.  The chain is from Rebel Shine (Cousin is the parent company so it might still be available with a different tag) that I purchased at Jo Ann Fabrics last summer on clearance.  It's called "silver small twist chain."  Cousin does currently sell items at Jo Ann Fabrics and Walmart.

Are these designs that you would wear?  Or do you have a different style?  Let me know!

Please let me know if the background is better on white or on the pale blue (which is what I use for hauls).  I was really having a hard time getting colors to show up accurately this time for some reason.

**all products purchased by me
**all designs are my own - no outside source of inspiration

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