Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mini Beauty Supply Haul featuring Zoya!


Today I have a little haul from the little Beauty Supply store.  This time I stuck with one brand...Zoya.  This haul (as with most of my "recent" hauls) happened a few weeks ago.

South Beach Ice, Vegas Freeze, FeiFei

South Beach Ice and Vegas Freeze are both from the Glamsicles collection from 2009.  If you want to see the collection, click here.  FeiFei is from the Diva Collection for Fall/Winter 2012.

South Beach Ice and Vegas Freeze were both clearanced for 99cents each.  Score!  But...I have a little rant regarding these 2.  I got the feeling that the owner (at least I think she's the owner - only person I've ever seen working there) was thinking I was cheating her since these 2 both had "X"s through the barcode.  She looked at it both when she wrung the polishes up and before she put them in the bag like she was trying to remember their names.  I felt like telling her that I did not mark them, I don't even have a marker with me.  After I left I saw her head to the back of the store like she was going to see if I had done something.  After the feeling I got from that experience, it might be a little while before I go back in (the Mister will be happy about that).  I've only been in there 2 times - the first time was great.  This time...not so much.  Grrr.  End rant.

Anyway....with the purchase of these 3, I now have 4 from the brand that I used to think would only be available to me through the website.

Have you used any of these polishes?  What brands did you think were only available online then found in a close-to-you store?  Have you ever had an experience like mine?  How did it affect you?

**all products purchased by me

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