Tuesday, August 28, 2012



Today I have a follow-up post to Zoya Indigo with how I modified it through layering to make it just right.

First of all, what attracted me to Indigo in the first place were the pretty little holographic shimmers floating around in the inky-blue base...
What I got on my nails was lacking in the shimmer department.  What did I do?  I'll show you!

I fixed it with a topcoat that had it's own holographic-ness to it.  I shook up and applied a coat of Northern Lights Holographic topcoat in the color "Gold."
 Under lamp light

 The above pic has been adjusted to make the blue show a little more

Much, much better.  Adding the gold holographic topcoat made it what I was hoping Indigo would be by itself.  Using Northern Lights has the added benefit of being a topcoat as well.

Do you have polishes that you loved in the bottle but didn't end up what you expected?  Did you layer until it met your expectations? wear as is? return/get rid of it?

**all products purchased by me
**combinations are my own

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