Tuesday, August 21, 2012

DIY Bracelets and Earrings


It's been a while since I've posted any of my little projects so I thought today I would share some jewelry that I made a while ago (read that as last year).

The first bracelet was inspired by one I saw at the store.  I think the original was from Express but I saw it at Gabriel Brothers (love that store for their inexpensive prices of stuff from stores in the mall).  Even at the reduced price (probably around $4-5), I still didn't want to spend the money on something so simple to recreate.

So, here's the final product:
All you need is some elastic cord and however many pearl beads needed to go around the wrist.  I typically cut several inches - probably 3 - more than I need to leave room for the size of the beads plus tying a good strong knot.  This could be done with any size pearl bead, maybe even a combination of sizes... might try that some time.

Now the next set is something that I had no inspiration going into the project.  I just started laying different stones to come up with a combo that was pleasing.

This set was made using 3 different types of stones, elastic cord (measured like the pearl bracelet), a few seed beads, and a couple of fish hooks, jump rings and head pins.  The large pink stones are "Rose Quartz Agate Nuggets."

Close up of the sparkly goodness that's on all the dark stones (they are Blue Sandstone).

Once I reorganized and made a spot for my jewelry-making supplies, that's where they've stayed untouched for months.  Oops.  I really need to get the creative juices flowing again...I miss it...

What do you think of these jewelry pieces?  Do you ever dream of designing jewelry for yourself or others?

**all products used purchased by me
**combinations & designs my own unless otherwise noted

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