Saturday, August 4, 2012

Collective Magnetic Polish Haul!


Today I'm sharing a "collective haul" for magnetic polishes from various brands.  After I got my first one from Influenster, I was hooked and wanted more.  I did not buy these all at once--more like over a couple of weeks, and as I came across colors that I wanted.  I also wanted to make sure I had a couple of different magnet designs in my little collection so I could mix and match for my "nail art."

L.A. Girls Magnetic:
 Magnetized and Magnetic Field
--each has a unique magnet design - target and star--
--found these at Rite Aid--

Wet 'n Wild Magnetic:
No-Gas, Electrically Charged; Don't Break the Circuit; Drawn Together By Force
--all have the same diagonal stripe magnet design--
--saw them at Rite Aid, but purchased at the grocery store--

Sally Hansen Magnetic (what started this all):
Golden Conduct; Polar Purple; Ionic Indigo; Silver Elements
--Ionic Indigo and Silver Elements were purchased at Bed, Bath & Beyond (has a small Harmon's drug store inside), with the cheapest price I've seen (also got to use BB&B coupons)--
--Golden Conduct was purchased at Walmart--
--Polar Purple was purchased at the grocery store--
**I also have Graphite Gravity (received complimentary for review from Influenster), which I reviewed here**

So far, Sally Hansen magnetic polish has had the best wear life, even going for about half a week with no top coat on.  Wet 'n Wild lasted less than a day, but still testing it with different top/base coat combinations.  And I haven't tried out the L.A. Girls yet.

**all products purchased by me with my own money unless noted otherwise
**my opinions are my own

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