Sunday, August 19, 2012

City Color Halloween Sighting & mini haul!


Tonight I wanted to get up my first post for Halloween stuff 2012!  I'm starting out with the City Color brand that I see all the time at Rite Aid.  This display showed up almost a month ago!

 City Color "Masquerade" collection includes 4 polishes and a set of dramatic lashes (I think it's the same lashes on both ends of the display)
Everything in the display is $1.99

I picked up 2 polishes that seemed more unique than the red and purple:
 "Light Gray" is a light dove-gray with tiny gold shimmer with a touch of pink and blue.  The lighter base does make the gold lean more silver or white gold than in "Dark Gray".
This one builds up to fairly opaque  in 3 coats (just a tiny bit of nail line visible under lamp light)
"Dark Gray" is more of a medium gray with teeny-tiny gold shimmers and a touch of pink and blue.
This one builds up to opacity in 3 coats.

Let me know if you would like to see either of these 2 polishes on the nails soon...  I do have more display sightings to post about, but I'll try to spread them out some.

Are you looking forward to seeing what comes out for Halloween?  What are your favorite seasonal products?

**all products purchased by me
**my opinions are entirely my own

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