Saturday, August 25, 2012

Burlington Haul featuring Color Club!


I'm slowly working through my haul backlog.  *I hereby vow to never let that many haul pictures pile up again...*  Anyway...

Today I'm showing a couple of polish sets that I found a Burlington Coat Factory about a month ago.  The larger set I actually saw sold as individual polishes at Rite Aid but I never bought them.  But when I saw the whole set, I snatched it up as well as a small set from another collection.  10 polishes (11 counting the clear coat) and a headband, all for around $16? Yes please.

I found the Take Wing collection (6 polishes plus clear coat).  The issues: no bottle labels with the color took some doing but with the help of Google, each bottle now has a little label with its name (hoping they are were all correct).  Of course, after all that, Rite Aid still had miscellaneous bottles of 5 of the shades so I snapped some pictures to double check the my labels with.
Daisy Does It; Sparkle and Soar; Fly with Me; 
Metamorphosis; Sky High; Wing Fling (and a clear coat on the end)

I also found the Starry Temptress collection (4 mini polishes).  Same issue:  no color names on the bottles so even more time with Google.  No double checking with in-store bottles since I never saw this collection before.  Apparently this is part of an old collection...a quick search gave it a date of Summer 2011 with 7 polishes, plus another set of non-glitters.  You know what's funny about the Starry Temptress set?  I had on the orange shade on my toes when I went into the beauty supply store that sells Color Club and they had a full size bottle of it, plus the others, so in my head I was going "that's on my toes right now!"  Apparently that store is not very current with moving merchandise out...

Wink, Wink, Twinkle (purple); You Got Soul-Ar (orange)
Glitter Envy (green) ; Starry Temptress (iridescent topcoat)

And my headband that I found:
It has a black leather-feeling rosette that's not so large it would be overwhelming.

Where do you find Color Club polishes (if you like that brand...)?  Do you like buying boxed sets or individual bottles better?

**all products purchased by me
**my opinions are my own

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