Friday, August 31, 2012

Magnetic Nails in Blue


Today I wanted to share a recent nail look.  I wore this a couple weeks ago for just a day.  Unfortunately, it didn't last long, but that's because not long after putting this on, I went swimming in our pool (back when it was still warm enough in the water).  At least for me, that definitely causes polish to not hold up, since the same thing happened after I did my toes on a different day.

Anyway, here is Wet 'n Wild Magnetic in Don't break the Circuit:
Under lamp light

  • 1 coat of ridge filling base coat 
  • 1 thinner coat of Don't Break the Circuit.  
  • After it dried, I applied a second, thicker, coat and immediately applied the magnet for 20 seconds.  
I got 9 out of 10 nails to work right on the first try, but I did have problems with my thumb (tried a third coat, which didn't work so I started that nail over again).

Don't Break the Circuit goes on a nice dark cobalt blue and when the magnet is applied, a lighter blue design appears along with some sparkles.  So pretty.  I'll have to try this again soon to see how the wear time truly is.
Don't Break the Circuit
Limited Edition, $4.99

I've seen this line in counter displays at both Rite Aid and Walgreens...I picked mine up from my favorite grocery store.  I'm not sure if this has appeared at CVS or not since I haven't been in well over a month.

Have you tried any of the Wet 'n Wild magnetics, or do you prefer a different brand?  Are you over magnetic polish and ready to move on to the next thing?

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Target Haul featuring ELF & L'Oreal!


I really thought that I had a post already done for today on something else, but it's disappeared.  So instead I'll work a little more on the backlog of hauls and show the items that I bought from Target at the end of June and around the middle of July.  Better late than never?

So in June, I bought just a couple of things that were both on clearance:
 L'Oreal Double Extend Eye Illuminator in 495 Black Crystal 
As far as I know, this item has not been discontinued, so maybe they were just clearing out old stock?
I really like this line of pencils - the white-ish color stays on my waterline for a decent amount of time and the   colored ends are nice, too.
L'Oreal Wear Infinite Studio Secrets eyeshadow quad in 104 Woodrose

I also bought a new swimsuit, but I'm not gonna show that.

Then in July, I bought just a few things:
 L'Oreal True Match Naturale Luminizing Mineral Finish in Translucent Rose 403
ELF Liquid Eyeliner in Copper
I really like the liquid eyeliner in black from ELF so I thought this would make a nice addition to my liner selection.
 ELF nail polish set in: Nude, Smoky Brown, Party Purple and Dark Navy
 Party Purple and Dark Navy are shown in closer-up bottle shots to try to show the shimmer
Nude and Smoky Brown are creme finishes

Now that it's getting closer to fall weather, I'm really looking forward to wearing darker polishes and pulling out the cute boots and layering options.

Have you found anything good at Target lately?

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Urban Decay Haul!


Urban Decay is slowly becoming a new obsession of mine (at least the items on a good sale)!  Today I'm showing the couple of items I purchased from Urban Decay.  I placed this order on August 9, knowing that shipping was going to be delayed.  By the way, it was nice that U.D. warned you when placing orders that shipping was behind schedule on all the orders.  My order finally shipped on August 13 and I got it a few days later.

The Mister has been wanting me to come up with some dark eye looks so I used that as the perfect "excuse/reason" to order the Black Palette.  I thought at $16, it was a pretty darn good deal.

 The above picture is more color-accurate
the next picture shows the shimmers and sparkles better
Black Dog (it's matte!), Barracuda, Jet
Sabbath, Cobra, Libertine
24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero 

It came with Mini Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Eden and another sticker(!)
I had also been eyeing the Starlight Glitter Body Art kit, going back and forth with myself on getting it or not...and I finally decided to go for it.  After all, when the Mister decides he wants something, he just orders it without debating with himself.  I got the kit for $6, which actually averages out to less than $1 an item.  Yet another pretty darn good deal.  Side note here: in storage we have lots of body stencils from when the Mister went around to local and county fairs and did air-brush tattoos, so I figured I could break those out again for smaller designs.
(bottom half of the collage is with flash)
Came with 5 colors of glitter, Starlight Glitter Adhesive, a Fan Brush and 10 stencils (5 images)
Stencil images / Directions
(I wish that the stencils weren't single use...but that's what other stencils I have are for)

What was my little free sample? another Naked Skin foundation sample pack.  Hmmm....I wonder if that's enough for me to decide how much I like it or give me a good idea for shade (other than pale pinkie toned)

Front, back, inside, see-through shade chart   

As of the time of writing this, both the Black palette and the Glitter Art set are still in stock at sale prices (along with other items) but since these items are being clearanced out, if you want them, don't wait.

I have to say, if the Naked palettes and the Smoked palette all weren't around $50 each, I would probably be picking them up one at a time...I do try to spread out the purchase of higher-costing items.

Do you have the Black Palette or the glitter art set?  Do you like them?

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Spotted, Hauled & Swatched - Maybelline Fall Fashion Week!


I thought that today I would share with you what all I picked up from the Fall 2012 Fashion Week Collection from Maybelline.  I purchased these items at 3 different stores over a couple different days last week.

Display pictures:
2 eyeliners/2 brow pencils (core line), blushes
4 eyestudio quads, 6 shades lipstick
Touch of Light illuminator (center of display)

Color tattoos (4 L.E., 2 core) and brushes
**notice how with the Color Tattoos, there are brushes in the display 
(no price though, which is an issue with Rite Aid)**
6 shades Color Show polish

First, I picked up 3 of the limited edition Color Tattoos from Rite Aid:
Rich Mahogany, Barely Beige, Mossy Green
These are 2 swipes and then patted on a little more to build up

Then at a second Rite Aid, I picked up all of the polishes (the first Rite Aid hadn't put this display out yet).  I was actually able to get a pretty good deal on these by utilizing coupons and +Up reward deals.
Swatches on the right, number of coats noted by each name (top down):
Metal Icon (2), Avante Green (2), Downtown Brown (3)
Boho Gold (3), Auburn Ablaze (3), Pink Cosmo (4)

The final item that I've bought from the Fall Fashion Week collection is one of the eyeshadow quads.  I picked this up at Discount Drugmart (I always forget that store is around).  Their prices are comparable to Walmart and Target so it was cheaper getting it there versus Rite Aid.
Eyestudio quad in Olive Martini
Swatches done like fingerprints :-)
1st circle is the lightest/1st color in the quad (promise!) It's pretty much the same color as me
2nd circle is the last color in the quad.  It's pretty much the same color as the tattoo in Rich Mahogany
3rd circle is the 3rd color in the quad (the brown w/blue duochrome)
4th circle is the 2nd shade in the quad (light silvery blue) This one takes a little building to show up well

Extra thoughts:
I keep debating about picking up the other limited edition color tattoo.  I'm also not decided on if I just want the one eyeshadow quad, or if I want to get the others (maybe I'll wait and see if they are still around when clearance time comes).  I will most likely pass on all the lipsticks since I don't wear them that much anyway (most look the same on me, no matter how they look in the tube, thanks to naturally pigmented lips).  I'm not a fan of the Maybelline blushes so I will pass on those.  The eyeliners are all core colors, and 2 of the color tattoos are core as well so I can get those anytime if I want.  I'll also pass on the Touch of Light product since I'm "lit" enough with my oily skin...

Have you or will you pick up anything from this collection?

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Today I have a follow-up post to Zoya Indigo with how I modified it through layering to make it just right.

First of all, what attracted me to Indigo in the first place were the pretty little holographic shimmers floating around in the inky-blue base...
What I got on my nails was lacking in the shimmer department.  What did I do?  I'll show you!

I fixed it with a topcoat that had it's own holographic-ness to it.  I shook up and applied a coat of Northern Lights Holographic topcoat in the color "Gold."
 Under lamp light

 The above pic has been adjusted to make the blue show a little more

Much, much better.  Adding the gold holographic topcoat made it what I was hoping Indigo would be by itself.  Using Northern Lights has the added benefit of being a topcoat as well.

Do you have polishes that you loved in the bottle but didn't end up what you expected?  Did you layer until it met your expectations? wear as is? return/get rid of it?

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**combinations are my own

Monday, August 27, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday...DIY Necklace & Bracelet


I'm trying to get back into regularly posting my Miscellaneous Monday routine, as well as sharing more of my craft projects, especially with upcoming holidays and gift-giving events.

First up is a bracelet that I made that actually coordinates with the set that I showed last week.
While I was looking for the name of the stones (Blue Sandstone), I came across some more that are in yet another size/shape.   I got inspired to make a third bracelet to go with the previous 2.  I still have enough of the small Sandstones to make another pair of earrings...or I might try my hand at something new.  
The round pink stones are different (I'm not sure what exact type they are); they are more of a lighter pink.  The only thing I would have done differently is tie off the knot next to a pink stone rather than between the Blue Sandstones.

The pendant and end of chain decoration are both pictured 2 times on different backgrounds to show how transparent the pink jewel is.  I bought the pendant on clearance from Walmart I think last summer.  The large round silver circle that has the chain decoration  on it (pictures on the right) is taken from an unused/unfinished chain I bought last year at Jo Ann Fabrics on clearance.  The accent dangle on the decoration is a bead that I found a long time ago.  The 2 outer dangles are made of 3 stone chips that I think I purchased at Walmart last summer.  The chain is from Rebel Shine (Cousin is the parent company so it might still be available with a different tag) that I purchased at Jo Ann Fabrics last summer on clearance.  It's called "silver small twist chain."  Cousin does currently sell items at Jo Ann Fabrics and Walmart.

Are these designs that you would wear?  Or do you have a different style?  Let me know!

Please let me know if the background is better on white or on the pale blue (which is what I use for hauls).  I was really having a hard time getting colors to show up accurately this time for some reason.

**all products purchased by me
**all designs are my own - no outside source of inspiration

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer Pedi Combo swatches


Today I thought I would share the combinations of polishes that have been on my toes this summer (don't worry if you don't like pics of feet...all combos are shown on a nail wheel).  I tend to leave my toe polish on for a while...sometimes 2 or 3 weeks depending on if I get tired of it or if it chips.  Normally I get tired of the combo before it chips.  The number of base color coats is a guess on each because I always use a different number on my big toes versus the rest.  Under all these, I used a generic base coat from L'Oreal to try to prevent staining.

First nail is micro & bar glitter:  2-3 coats of Revlon Top Speed in Royal with 1 coat of Wet 'n Wild Fergie in New Years Kiss.  I had this on over the 4th of July.  The Fergie line is at Walgreens and Rite Aid.  Revlon Royal is just about everywhere.

Second nail is holo micro glitter:  3-4 coats of Color Zone Baby Bubblegum Pink (I made up that name since I can't find names of Color Zone polishes anywhere) with a coat of Love & Beauty/Forever 21 Silver (holographic glitter).  Baby Bubblegum Pink borders on fluorescent bright by itself.  I find Color Zone polishes in sets at Marshalls and TJ Maxx.  This combo is what's on my toes right now if you're curious.  :)

Third nail is an attempt at nail art:  2-3 coats of Color Club You Got Soul-ar with dots of Color Club Sky High and Sinful Colors Snow Me White.  I used the ball end of a pin from my sewing kit for the dots.  This only worked out on the swatch actual pedi was just You Got Soul-ar by itself and it was super bright.  Both of these are limited editions (I got mine in 2 collection sets from Burlington Coat Factory towards the end of July). I had a couple issues with You Got Soul-ar.  This is what I had on at the beginning of August.

Fourth nail is the return of glitter:  2-3 coats of NYC Hint of Mint - limited edition from spring 2011 with a coat of OPI Nothin Mousie Bout it and also fished out & placed the hearts (3 on the big toes, 1 each on the rest).  Nothin Mousie Bout it is also limited edition and came out June 2012.  I put this combo on when I took the Revlon & WnW combo off.

Hmmm...Apparently what I had on my toes before the start of July was boring since I don't remember what it was and there aren't any trials on my wheel.

What do you think of all my pedi combos?  Do you like this way of showing them?

**all products purchased by me
**all combinations are my own
**all opinions are my own

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Burlington Haul featuring Color Club!


I'm slowly working through my haul backlog.  *I hereby vow to never let that many haul pictures pile up again...*  Anyway...

Today I'm showing a couple of polish sets that I found a Burlington Coat Factory about a month ago.  The larger set I actually saw sold as individual polishes at Rite Aid but I never bought them.  But when I saw the whole set, I snatched it up as well as a small set from another collection.  10 polishes (11 counting the clear coat) and a headband, all for around $16? Yes please.

I found the Take Wing collection (6 polishes plus clear coat).  The issues: no bottle labels with the color took some doing but with the help of Google, each bottle now has a little label with its name (hoping they are were all correct).  Of course, after all that, Rite Aid still had miscellaneous bottles of 5 of the shades so I snapped some pictures to double check the my labels with.
Daisy Does It; Sparkle and Soar; Fly with Me; 
Metamorphosis; Sky High; Wing Fling (and a clear coat on the end)

I also found the Starry Temptress collection (4 mini polishes).  Same issue:  no color names on the bottles so even more time with Google.  No double checking with in-store bottles since I never saw this collection before.  Apparently this is part of an old collection...a quick search gave it a date of Summer 2011 with 7 polishes, plus another set of non-glitters.  You know what's funny about the Starry Temptress set?  I had on the orange shade on my toes when I went into the beauty supply store that sells Color Club and they had a full size bottle of it, plus the others, so in my head I was going "that's on my toes right now!"  Apparently that store is not very current with moving merchandise out...

Wink, Wink, Twinkle (purple); You Got Soul-Ar (orange)
Glitter Envy (green) ; Starry Temptress (iridescent topcoat)

And my headband that I found:
It has a black leather-feeling rosette that's not so large it would be overwhelming.

Where do you find Color Club polishes (if you like that brand...)?  Do you like buying boxed sets or individual bottles better?

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Rite Aid Clearance Polish Haul & Swatches featuring WnW!


Time for a Rite Aid clearance haul (from July) that has the Wet 'n Wild Chrome collection from earlier this year.  At full price, I didn't want them since they are smaller bottles than Wet 'n Wild usually comes in, but for 50% off...they came home with me (and I'm loving them).  I don't think these are available at Rite Aid anymore BUT they ARE available at some Walgreens locations (for full price...).

I picked up 4 of the Chromes on one day (plus some other stuff) and, being impatient, I actually swatched them on the back of the receipt while I was sitting in the parking lot.  lol.  I was so impressed with how they looked that a couple days later, I went to a different Rite Aid and got the rest of the collection, backups of 1 Chrome & a couple Be Jeweled, and some other stuff.

Pic Heavy!!
(Top down) Penny for Your Thoughts, Precious Petals, Steel the Spotlight, Hog-Quartz School

(Top down) A Show at the Palladium, Grew Up in Cobalt-imore, I Got a New Corn-pewter, Stay Outta My Bismuth
Swatches! (held at different angles)
(Left to right): 
Penny for Your Thoughts, Hog-Quartz School, I Got A New Com-Pewter, A Show at the Palladium, Grew Up in Cobalt-imore, Steel the Spotlight, Stay Outta My Bismuth, Precious Petals
**Grew Up in Cobalt-imore is 1 coat; the rest are 2**
The backups I purchased:
Precious Petals and Jewels For Your Highness 
(I also picked up another Born into Privilege but can't find the pic of that one)

Miscellaneous clearance polish:
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Infinity Band
(from the Spring Diamond Strength with Jewel Overcoats collection)
**Jewel Overcoat polishes I bought from that collection are here and here**

NYC City Sweets Pink (from the City Sweets Spring collection)
I don't have many baby pinks in my collection, so I figured for less than $1, sure

I'll show what makeup I got in Part 2.  You might be able to still find some of the stuff at other stores or it will let you know what might be marked down at other stores in the coming days/weeks as makeup lines make room for new products

Did you pick up any of the Chrome polishes?

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Wet n Wild Root of All Evil vs. Sinful Colors Midnight Blue


Today I have a requested post.  On my recent post about the Wet 'n Wild Pick Your Poison collection, a lovely reader asked me if I would show Root of All Evil and compare with Sinful Colors Midnight Blue.

I used Bridge the Ridge for the base coat, 2 coats of each polish, and no topcoat for my pictures.
Can you tell which one is which?  No? I'll tell you in a little bit...
Bottle shot:
Wet 'n Wild Root of All Evil and Sinful Colors Midnight Blue

Labeled shot:
Wet 'n Wild Root of All Evil on middle and pinky fingers.  
Sinful Colors Midnight Blue on ring and index.
Under lamp light
I haven't yet mastered holding all my fingers at the exact same angle, but the index and middle fingers are angled the same way

WnW on middle & pinky; SC on ring & index
Natural daylight through the window

Neither picture has been color corrected.  Both polishes are beautiful, richly saturated royal blues with tiny shimmers that make them both look glowy under lamp light.  I didn't really notice a difference between formula...Wet 'n Wild went on quicker, but that's because it has the "manicurve" brush - 2 swipes and I was done.  Sinful Colors took a few more strokes.  Swatched on nail wheels, they looked a little bit different, but on the nails, I would say identical.  They both left me with a little blue tinge to my cuticles, but nothing some Bath & Body Works Deep Cleansing Soap couldn't take care of.

Wet 'n Wild Root of All Evil is limited edition and retails for $1.99 - only 3 per display.  Sinful Colors Midnight Blue is a core color and retails for $1.99 at Rite Aid and Walgreens (maybe Target, too?) & goes on sale occasionally at Walgreens for $.99.

Do you need both polishes?  No.  In my opinion they are dupes for each other.  If you like wider brushes, go with the Wet 'n Wild.  If you like the more traditional thinner brush, get the Sinful Colors.

Do you prefer the "Manicurve" brushes that Wet 'n Wild is now using or the traditional like Sinful Colors?

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**my opinions are my own

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Zoya FeiFei Mani


Today I have my second Zoya polish to show...even though there are bunches of swatches online already of this polish.  Oh well.  Just consider this one more look at the polish.  I picked this pretty up at a discounted price from the local beauty supply store that I've mentioned before - as of right now, I have not ordered directly from Zoya...

For my nails, here's what I did:
  • Base coat of 
  • 3 coats of Zoya FeiFei
  • Quick Dry top coat (Sally Hansen Diamond Flash)
 Under the lamp
 Just to the side of the lamp
Under the lamp

FeiFei is from the 2012 Diva Collection for Fall/Winter.  This is what Zoya's website has to say:
Zoya nail polish in FeiFei can be best described as: A medium steel blue base with heavy gold, blue and pink iridescent metallic sparkle. A truly unique sparkling iridescent blue that adds a magical look to the nails.

Color Family Blue, Gold

Color Finish Metallic Micro Glitter

Color Intensity 5 ( 1=Sheer - 5=Opaque )

Color Tone Cool

FeiFei is definitely cool toned, which goes well with the coolness I have in my skintone.  I love how it has more than one color of shimmery sparkles that make it all the more interesting to look at and wear.

I'm not sure how they decide the color intensity since I did end up with 3 coats to make it completely opaque - at 2 coats I felt I could still see a little nail line under the lamp light.  This polish did seem to be a little bit slower drying than when I used Indigo so I felt that a quick dry top coat was a definite must.  So far, the Zoyas that I've tried have both required little to no clean up since the brushes are quite nice and the polish is easy to control.

Both FeiFei and Indigo are colors that I see myself reaching for time and again, especially with Fall and Winter quickly approaching.  These 2 are both ones that I find myself wanting to play with to see if I can make already pretty colors even more so.

Have you picked up any new Zoyas from the Designer, Diva & Gloss Fall/Winter collections?  How about other brands' fall collections?

**all products purchased by me
**my opinions are entirely my own