Saturday, July 21, 2012

My First Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color! and review


Today I have my very first magnetic polish to share with you.  I received it in my Influenster summer beauty box and had it on within a half hour of opening the box.  I have to tell you, ever since I have received it, I have been obsessed with trying it out/playing with it.  I've also put it through a little bit of a wear test as I didn't put on any top coat so included in this post is a review.
I used a craft knife to slice between the cap and the bottle so the design on the plastic wrap would be preserved as a reminder for the magnet design

This picture is with base coat, immediately taken after applying it to my ring finger according to directions (apply one coat & let dry; then - doing each nail individually - apply a thick 2nd coat and immediately place magnet over and hold for 10 seconds ~ I did up to 20 ~).  This is definitely easy-to-do, but since the magnet is so close to wet polish, if you move any and bump the nail on the magnet then you get a funky spot on your nail and a little messy spot on the magnet to clean up.  I do have to say it does show off just about every flaw in my nail, so a good filler base coat is a MUST if you have any ridges, peelies, or anything wrong with a nail.  
Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color in 908 Graphite Gravity

You can even still see the imprint of the ridge from the magnetic cap on my finger--that's how immediately I took the picture.  In pictures, it looks a little flat since it's about impossible to capture the 3D-nature it has in real life.  I only completely did one nail since immediately after this, the Mister came home and got me to go with him to the store (wasn't planning on that)...the rest of my nails were just the polish plain, which is pretty that way too.  The un-magnetized version reminds me of Revlon's Carbonite, if you were wondering.

With only one coat of polish on (except for one ring finger) and no top coat, this is not a polish that can make it through hair washing and cooking.  The one finger I did "magnetize" made it through all that completely intact with no help of top coat.  Color me impressed on that one.

The next pics are from when I was playing around with it a little bit the next day (after taking off all but the original magnetized finger's polish).  Removal is pretty easy (unless you forget the base coat and there are peelie spots on the nail...oops).
I did a coat of base coat, 4 coats of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Paparazzi on the rest of my fingers (except I did my other ring finger as a full magnetized nail), and then did Funky French tips on my right hand and tried to magnetize them too (but held the magnet sideways).  I did the nails on my left hand differently but forgot to take pics.  Oops.  This didn't look bad, but it didn't show up as much as I would have hoped.  Oh, well.  Took all the polish off except for ring fingers.

And here's how I finished the night off:
Keep in mind that that ring finger in the picture is still wearing the original look from Wednesday afternoon and it was Friday night when I took the last picture.  There is no top coat anywhere in sight and only one teeny-tiny chip on the side of my ring finger from where the polish was applied a little thinner (or the 2nd coat missed that spot).  It has made it through 2 hair washings, conditioning and glazing, as well as laundry, cooking and washing pans.  EDIT:  This polish, with NO topcoat lasted pretty well on my nails for about 4 days, which for me is a record!  It probably would have lasted longer if I had used a top coat.

Some tips:

  • a good ridge filling base coat is a must
  • hold the magnet for longer (about 20 seconds) over a second thick coat
  • after the first hand is done, recap and shake again to make sure that the magnetic pieces are well suspended in the polish

Initially I was resisting this nail trend...BUT I am definitely pleased that I received this in my box.  Since getting it (and loving! it), I have picked a few more in different colors.  The one thing that I would like to have seen is other magnet designs (and an imprint of the design on the cap somewhere rather than just the plastic shrink-wrap stuff).

Retail price of the Sally Hansen Magnetic is between $9-$10 and available at many stores.  It would be nice to see a lower price on this polish.

Have you used magnetic polishes?  Do you like the resulting look?

**I was sent this product complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster's VoxBox program**
**My opinions are entirely my own and not influenced in any way**

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