Monday, July 30, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday...Makeup Organizing Project


Today is time for another Miscellaneous Monday, but it took me all day to figure out what I wanted to post about.  I finally figured it organizing project for blushes/bronzers and eyeshadows that are in pan form - no packaging at all.  

I started this project it seems like almost a month ago, and once I figured out that yes, it would work quite well, I stalled out.  First my excuse was I didn't want to finish until I had found an organizer to put the finished project in, and that did take a little while since I did not want to spend hardly any money at all.  It took a couple of weeks of searching at a local Goodwill, but I finally found the perfect organizer.  I also bought some glue to use (rubber cement since I think that will let me be able to rearrange in the future if I want to).  Now, I just need to take the time and sit down and finish this project.  Hopefully since I'm posting about it, I will get back to work on this project.

So, first I'll show you what I'm working on organizing.  (I have no idea what brand these all are from--they are sample boards from when we attempted to earn money selling cosmetics in a mall kiosk years ago).
A huge collection of blushes/bronzers in pan form.  
There's almost 50 pans (some are already removed)

And a huge collection of eyeshadows in pan form.

I am working on taking both of these collections off their acrylic boards (popping them off with either scissors or a metal nail file & twisting) and inserting them into empty CD cases (with the inserts all removed).  On the back of the CD case I'm putting removable labels with the shade names.  The following picture shows just a trial run--I plan on going back and gluing the pans down.
I did use a couple of these blushes/bronzers when I started the project and was quite impressed of the payoff they pack.

And eventually, all the CD cases (hopefully labeled on the ends & colors well organized) will go into this CD organizer I finally found at Goodwill for $3.00.  This organizer could potentially hang from the wall, too...if I had any wall space that is.  Between all the windows & doors of the room and both the dresser and vanity having tall mirrors there isn't much usable wall space.

When I finally get this project finished (not this week though - way too busy), I will be able to actually put all the pretty shades to use easily.  As they are currently, glued to a huge sheet of acrylic, it is extremely awkward to use and I haven't touched the eyeshadows in forever since the only way to keep them clean is to keep the "palette" in a big plastic bag, so I keep forgetting about them.  

This is not an original project, as there are probably dozens of YouTube videos and blog posts showing the CD-case-as-a-palette, but it is what I am working on/trying to work on.  The current cost for me isn't much...the $3 organizer and $4 (I think) for the rubber cement.  I already had the labels and CD cases.

**All products purchased by me

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