Sunday, July 8, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday...DIY Ring Storage


For today's Miscellaneous Monday, I have my DIY ring holders.  I use them for toe rings, but it could probably be used for more delicate rings.

This was a really simple project that I saw or read about the inspiration somewhere online a couple years ago (never marked the page) and the idea just stuck in the back of my head until I remembered I had all the supplies at home already.

  • a piece of squishy foam (I think mine came from the protective packaging inside boxes of boots from the store I used to work at)  Craft stores sell a similar foam that is used for furniture cushions.
  • some cording to make the hanger (up to your preference for how long you want it)  
  • a sharp craft knife
All you do is cut slits roughly half the depth of the piece of foam using a ring as a guide for how long to make each slit.  If your ring bands are a little bit wide, then at the end of each slit, cut 2 really short slits going the other way (like a capital "I") to make more room for the ring to slide in.  At the top of the piece, cut a hole all the way through at an equal distance from each end; thread the cording through and knot securely.

I would imaging that this could be made so it looks a little prettier...probably using spray-on glue, a piece of fabric and some ribbon for the edge.  Fabric paint and other embellishments could also be added to dress it up even more.  I just kept it simple (for right now).

You could probably leave off the ribbon cord and just set it in a drawer.  That would probably be a better option for more chunky or heavy rings.  For me, I put my toe rings in this DIY version and use actual glass/crystal/vintage silver ring holders for regular rings.

**all products purchased by me or were rescued from a discard pile for re-purposing

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