Monday, July 9, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday...DIY Air Freshener


Since I posted my Miscellaneous Monday post yesterday, I had to decide what I wanted to do for today (again).  While I was thinking, I was wondering around the house and spotted the bucket full of lavender plant trimmings from when the Mister & I really cut back the 2 giant lavender bushes in the back of the house.  I kept a lot of the trimmings because I really like the scent of lavender and decided to put some of it to use today.

Keep in mind that I have never put together any kind of flower arrangement/grouping before so it's not perfect or anywhere near.  Today's "project" was filling a pretty vase with cut lavender so it can act as a potpourri for the living room.  Eventually I will do something similar in other rooms of the house so we can have a nice, natural scent.

The vase that I used is actually a piece of Fenton Glass that I bought from a resale shop last summer for less than $10.  And then I just kept filling it with various lengths of lavender until it was pretty well stuffed.  Very simple and if you have a lavender plant hanging out in your yard, you could just recycle any nice-looking jar or vase and have a free room freshener.  Eventually I'll have to replace the lavender as it gets too dry to release any fragrance, but that's all right.

What do you use to keep rooms smelling fresh when opening windows is not an option?

**all products purchased by me   &/or   found in the backyard

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