Friday, July 27, 2012

L'Oreal Pink Carat + Stamping & Sparkles!


Last night, I was struck by inspiration as I was falling asleep so when I got up today, I immediately started figuring out how to make that inspiration come true.  I wanted to use some brands that I haven't used for a also happened to work out that I hadn't used any of the polishes before today either.  Yay me!  As far as where I got the ideas that I put together, I've seen lots...and lots...and lots of pictures of gradient manis, as well as stamped looks from all the blogs that I read on a daily basis.  This was the first time I tried doing a gradient...and I haven't stamped a whole lot either.  It seems to be this month I have done a lot of firsts polish-wise (taping, chevron, magnetic and now sponge-gradient).

So, first I'll show you what inspired me:
This is the bag I received in my Influenster Summer Beauty VoxBox full of Always/Tampax samples for consideration/reviewing    (The bag is so cute!)

Now, lots of pictures/collages to show you what I did to try to replicate the colors & pattern!  I did have some trial and error before I decided on how I really wanted the colors placed.

First I did:
  • American Classics Bridge the Ridge ridge filling basecoat
  • 2 coats of L'Oreal Pink Carat #160
Under and just out from under lamp light
  • Sponged on a few layers of Wet 'n Wild Disturbia #217 (old formula) using a cosmetic wedge cut in half length-wise
  • Pro FX Quick Dry High Gloss top coat - this top coat does smear my polish some, but for this look I was perfectly helped blend the gradient out a little more
Disturbia is actually a vampy purple even though in the pictures it looks almost brown 

After that,
  • Stamped on all my nails primarily over the purple using the Salon Express nail plate in SE10 using L'Oreal Pink Carat since the design has pink flowers the same shade as the rest of the bag
  • quick dry top coat (same one) applied about 5 minutes later
Subtle pink stamping to coordinate with the bag  :-)
Image used is circled
  • Sponged on a little bit OPI Pirouette My Whistle, concentrating on the pink sections, to imitate the stars
  • quick dry top coat (same one) applied several minutes later to seal everything
 Grrr the sparkles aren't showing up that well in pictures.  :-/


For being relatively new to stamping and completely new to sponging and gradients, I have to say I think I did pretty darn well.  And of course, this is so much prettier than what the pictures are showing.  I think that in the future, I will probably revisit the gradient/sponging technique...and try to stamp some more, just maybe not always in the same look.  :-)

What do you think of my first attempt?  Do you like my interpretation of the inspiration bag?

**some products provided for review from Influenster (the bag)
**all the rest of the products were purchased by me / all opinions are my own
**combinations are my own

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